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Some update on documenting exceptions.

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1The LEMON-STABLE project  -*- mode: org; -*-
3#+TYP_TODO: TODO Ákos Alpár Attila Balázs Márk Jácint Péter ALL DONE
5* TODO Release 0.6 before any major changes in svn-trunk
6** Do we really need it?
7* DONE Separate GLEMON from LEMON
8** It should go to
9** TODO Probably the main lemon trunk should also be renamed to
11* DONE Change to single makefile
12* Ákos Set up a compilation environment in branches/lemon-1.0
13** Copy from the trunk
14** Comment out the missing files
15* TODO Revise/Clarify/Extend the naming conventions
16** setXYZ/getXYZ issue
17** class-local variables vs. access functions to them
18** standard naming rules for function/template parameters
19** template<class X> vs. template<typename X>
20* TODO Revise doc (globally)
21** Revise the module structures
22** Revise 'Related Pages'
23*** Intro/Tutorials
24**** What are missing?
25**** Aren't there some duplications?
26* Revise Basic components
27** Graph Structures
28*** ALL Directed Graphs
29**** Balázs Do we need concepts other than StaticGraph?
30***** If don't, rename StaticGraph to Graph
31**** Attila Revise doc
32**** Revise check files
33**** Alpár Disable copy constr's
34*** TODO Undirected Graph
35**** Revise doc
36**** Revise check files
37*** TODO Bipartite Graphs
38**** Revise doc
39**** Revise check files
40** Exceptions
41*** Ákos Revise error.h
42*** TODO Document if a function may throw an exception
43**** Use \exception for that
44** TODO Put ListUGraph into a separate header file
45* TODO Revise Tools
46** Graph Adaptors
47*** Revise doc
48*** Revise check files
49** Map Structures
50*** Special Maps
51*** Map Adaptors
52** Graph I/O
53*** Change @uedgeset to @edgeset
54** Graph Drawing
55** xy
56*** Doesn't follow the naming convention
57*** Should normSquare() be a member function?
58*** What about bezier.h
59*** What about linear transformations?
60*** What about xyz.h?
61* TODO Revise Algorithms
62* TODO Revise repository maintenance files
63** Péter Related files
65*** ChangeLog
69*** NEWS
70*** README
71* TODO Revise demos
72** What are missing?
73** What are superfluous?
74** Documentation
75** Add links from the doc of a data struct/alg to the related demo
76*** Create a \demo macro similar to \sa
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