COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

source: lemon-0.x/src/work/marci/lp @ 1112:b258584569f2

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
expression.h 3.1 KB 1099:91a8ee9d088d   19 years marci -=, - operators in expressions 444 bytes 1097:c91e765266d7   19 years marci A proposal or test implementation for linear expression`
lp_solver_base.h 25.0 KB 1112:b258584569f2   19 years marci try of grouping for documentation
lp_solver_wrapper.h 12.2 KB 1015:e3bb0e118bb4   20 years marci RoadMap? to more general flow algs.
makefile 1.9 KB 1104:23a54f889272   19 years marci small changes, a try for max flow using expression 6.4 KB 1031:0b7169db694f   20 years marci :-( 2.2 KB 1111:88ade201ffc6   19 years marci lower and upper bound handling functions for rows
min_cost_gen_flow.h 9.5 KB 1081:c0ad2673b11f   20 years marci more precise distinction 'tween low and high level lp interfaces
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