COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

source: lemon-0.x/src/work @ 742:235fd36336b7

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
akos 106:0508d63fcc96   17 years Alpar Juttner .
alpar 741:aa700e5c47b5   17 years Alpar Juttner A very flexible bfs function using named parameters and impicit map types.
jacint 726:835ebe1b3250   17 years Alpar Juttner max_flow.h (wich doesn't use STL - max_flow.h (which doesn't use STL …
johanna 737:2d867176d10e   17 years Alpar Juttner Several changes in Kruskal alg. - Input object interface was changed …
klao 686:fc8a3393e0d9   17 years Alpar Juttner src/work/alpar/path.h (docs) is merged into src/work/klao/path.h (and …
marci 725:9fa4045571cd   17 years Alpar Juttner We do not yet need it.
athos 672:6c7bd0edd1d7   17 years athos Seems to work. More tests required.
deba 703:32f280a5ed7d   17 years Balazs Dezso
peter 691:014c2e4eb07b   17 years Hegyi Péter t/bin/bash: line 1: q: command not found -j-This line, and those … 987 bytes 8:cd54905012bc   18 years Alpar Juttner -New test: added - Graph class has a NodeMap? and an … 3.2 KB 8:cd54905012bc   18 years Alpar Juttner -New test: added - Graph class has a NodeMap? and an …
Doxyfile 45.2 KB 728:4c9e2f920458   17 years Alpar Juttner More documented file. 2.8 KB 35:65dca0f43fba   17 years Alpar Juttner . 9.5 KB 107:8d62f0072ff0   17 years Alpar Juttner marci -> hugo resize -> update
makefile 864 bytes 673:b387504959a2   17 years athos Restored common makefile. 2.8 KB 618:e944d741f472   17 years Mihaly Barasz #include <hugo/...>
graph_concept.txt 5.8 KB 44:e3a220fc6155   17 years marci some informations on the upper-cased new graph concept
sage_graph.h 16.6 KB 642:e812963087f0   17 years marci To avoid confusion my old ListGraph? is can be used under name …
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