COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

source: lemon-1.0 @ 311:47ec522b838e

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
benchmark 146:4b42aa24ce12   15 years Akos Ladanyi Makefile cleanup (see ticket #87)
cmake 225:c5a40fc54f1a   15 years Alpar Juttner CMake improvements. - documentation generation with Doxygen - …
demo 294:cbe3ec2d59d2   15 years Alpar Juttner Merge
doc 311:47ec522b838e   15 years Alpar Juttner Further extension of the migration guide
lemon 295:7c796c1cf1b0   15 years Balazs Dezso Fix memory leak hazard If the constructor throws an exception, it …
m4 187:84c2a2e5cfee   15 years Akos Ladanyi Fix bug caused by m4 consuming pairs of square brackets (#108).
scripts 310:2bf7c645d5a6   15 years Peter Kovacs Improvements in the migration script and guide (ticket #157)
test 293:47fbc814aa31   15 years Peter Kovacs Change the parameter order in LGF reader and writer tools
tools 146:4b42aa24ce12   15 years Akos Ladanyi Makefile cleanup (see ticket #87)
.hgignore 508 bytes 298:74eb8b425d82   15 years Alpar Juttner Fix ignoring Emacs backup/temp files
CMakeLists.txt 3.1 KB 274:2a33883915bb   15 years Akos Ladanyi Use only a single (cached) variable to hold the version number. 4.6 KB 296:9768e60aa4e1   15 years Akos Ladanyi Properly detect the Intel C++ compiler (ticket #154).
INSTALL 4.8 KB 245:da1d220b176b   15 years Akos Ladanyi Update INSTALL file.
LICENSE 1.6 KB 107:31a2e6d28f61   16 years Alpar Juttner Happy New Year! (Update Copyright dates) 1.2 KB 227:33f8d69e642a   15 years Akos Ladanyi Include CMake related files in the tarball.
NEWS 2.2 KB 262:0181b7f12a2a   15 years Alpar Juttner Update NEWS file (ticket #121)
README 1.2 KB 246:7c67988fca07   15 years Alpar Juttner Update README file.

LEMON 1.0 release branch

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