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source: lemon-1.2

1.2 tip
Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
m4 749:36857046492b   15 years Balazs Dezso Remove unnecessary OsiCbc? dependency (#317)
tools 1001:89e1877e335f   10 years Alpar Juttner Clang compatibility fix in (#480)
test 998:8e5c93065fd0   9 years Alpar Juttner Add to the autoconf build env. (#517)
scripts 850:e77b621e6e7e   14 years Alpar Juttner Configurable glpk prefix in ./scripts/ and ... unneeded …
lemon 1007:00769a5f0f5d   7 years Alpar Juttner Merge bugfix #607 to branch 1.2
doc 948:bd523dbc7033   13 years Alpar Juttner Add missing doc/references.bib to release tarball (#432)
demo 877:141f9c0db4a3   14 years Alpar Juttner Unify the sources (#339)
cmake 951:ee581a0ecfbf   13 years Alpar Juttner Make CBC interface compatible with latest CBC releases CBC now uses …
README 1.2 KB 848:e05b2b48515a   14 years Peter Kovacs Improve README and mainpage.dox (#342)
LICENSE 1.7 KB 880:38213abd2911   14 years Peter Kovacs Small doc fixes and improvements (#359)
NEWS 13.0 KB 991:e13061207f85   11 years Alpar Juttner Backport [8a3fb3155dca] (Bugfix in test/ to branch 1.2 (#469) 4.9 KB 990:bb4fde5d0634   11 years Alpar Juttner Remove -Werror form AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
CMakeLists.txt 7.4 KB 966:08712a8c3afe   12 years Alpar Juttner Merge #449 to branch 1.2
AUTHORS 933 bytes 924:3dcb45a871c3   13 years Alpar Juttner Update the AUTHORS file
.hgtags 238 bytes 992:92d53f86d1a9   11 years Alpar Juttner LEMON 1.2.4 released (e13061207f85 tagged as r1.2.4)
.hgignore 648 bytes 866:2d9c6566a604   14 years Alpar Juttner Add doc/references.dox to .hgignore 1.6 KB 793:7c0ad6bd6a63   15 years Akos Ladanyi Optionally use valgrind when running tests + other build system fixes
INSTALL 6.4 KB 824:974c48bda29e   14 years Akos Ladanyi Add more information on Makefile variables (#316)

LEMON 1.2 release branch

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