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[305]1/* -*- mode: C++; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*-
2 *
3 * This file is a part of LEMON, a generic C++ optimization library.
4 *
5 * Copyright (C) 2003-2008
6 * Egervary Jeno Kombinatorikus Optimalizalasi Kutatocsoport
7 * (Egervary Research Group on Combinatorial Optimization, EGRES).
8 *
9 * Permission to use, modify and distribute this software is granted
10 * provided that this copyright notice appears in all copies. For
11 * precise terms see the accompanying LICENSE file.
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13 * This software is provided "AS IS" with no warranty of any kind,
14 * express or implied, and with no claim as to its suitability for any
15 * purpose.
16 *
17 */
[306]19namespace lemon {
22\page migration Migration from the 0.x Series
24This guide gives an in depth description on what has changed compared
[306]25to the 0.x release series.
27Many of these changes adjusted automatically by the
28<tt>script/</tt> tool. Those requiring manual
29update are typeset <b>boldface</b>.
31\section migration-graph Graph Related Name Changes
[306]33- \ref concepts::Digraph "Directed graphs" are called \c Digraph and
34  they have <tt>Arc</tt>s (instead of <tt>Edge</tt>s), while
35  \ref concepts::Graph "undirected graphs" are called \c Graph
36  (instead of \c UGraph) and they have <tt>Edge</tt>s (instead of
37  <tt>UEdge</tt>s). These changes reflected thoroughly everywhere in
[305]38  the library. Namely,
39  - \c Graph -> \c Digraph
[306]40    - \c %ListGraph -> \c ListDigraph, \c %SmartGraph -> \c SmartDigraph etc.
[305]41  - \c UGraph -> \c Graph
42    - \c ListUGraph -> \c ListGraph, \c SmartUGraph -> \c SmartGraph etc.
[306]43  - \c Edge -> \c Arc, \c UEdge -> \c Edge
44  - \c EdgeMap -> \c ArcMap, \c UEdgeMap -> \c EdgeMap
45  - \c EdgeIt -> \c ArcIt, \c UEdgeIt -> \c EdgeIt
46  - Class names and function names containing the words \c graph,
47    \c ugraph, \e edge or \e arc should also be updated.
[305]48- <b>The two endpoints of an (\e undirected) \c Edge can be obtained by the
[306]49  <tt>u()</tt> and <tt>v()</tt> member function of the graph
[305]50  (instead of <tt>source()</tt> and <tt>target()</tt>). This change
51  must be done by hand.</b>
52  \n Of course, you can still use <tt>source()</tt> and <tt>target()</tt>
53  for <tt>Arc</tt>s (directed edges).
56<b>The <tt>script/</tt> tool replaces all instances of
57the words \c graph, \c digraph, \c edge and \c arc, so it replaces them
58in strings, comments etc. as well as in all identifiers.</b>
[305]60\section migration-lgf LGF tools
62\section migration-search BFS, DFS and Dijkstra
[306]63- <b>Using the function interface of BFS, DFS and %Dijkstra both source and
64  target nodes can be given as parameters of the <tt>run()</tt> function
65  (instead of \c bfs(), \c dfs() or \c dijkstra() itself).</b>
66- \ref named-templ-param "Named class template parameters" of \c Bfs,
67  \c Dfs, \c Dijkstra, \c BfsVisit, \c DfsVisit are renamed to start
68  with "Set" instead of "Def". Namely,
69  - \c DefPredMap -> \c SetPredMap
70  - \c DefDistMap -> \c SetDistMap
71  - \c DefReachedMap -> \c SetReachedMap
72  - \c DefProcessedMap -> \c SetProcessedMap
73  - \c DefHeap -> \c SetHeap
74  - \c DefStandardHeap -> \c SetStandardHeap
75  - \c DefOperationTraits -> \c SetOperationTraits
76  - \c DefProcessedMapToBeDefaultMap -> \c SetStandardProcessedMap
78\section migration-error Exceptions and Debug tools
[307]80<b>The class hierarchy of exceptions has largely been simplified. Now,
81only the i/o related tools may throw exceptions. All other exceptions
82have been replaced with either the \c LEMON_ASSERT or the \c LEMON_DEBUG
85<b>On the other hand, the parameter order of constructors of the
86exceptions has been changed. See \ref IoError and \ref FormatError for
87more details.</b>
[305]89\section migration-other Others
[306]90- <b>The contents of <tt>graph_utils.h</tt> are moved to <tt>core.h</tt>
91  and <tt>maps.h</tt>. <tt>core.h</tt> is included by all graph types,
92  therefore it usually do not have to be included directly.</b>
93- <b><tt>path_utils.h</tt> is merged to \c path.h.</b>
[307]94- <b>The semantic of the assignment operations and copy constructors of maps
95  are still under discussion. So, you must copy them by hand (i.e. copy
96  each entry one-by-one)</b>
[306]97- <b>The parameters of the graph copying tools (i.e. \c GraphCopy,
98  \c DigraphCopy) have to be given in the from-to order.</b>
99- \c copyDigraph() and \c copyGraph() are renamed to \c digraphCopy()
100  and \c graphCopy(), respectively.
[307]101- <b>The interface of \ref DynArcLookUp has changed. It is now the same as
102  of \ref ArcLookUp and \ref AllArcLookUp</b>
[306]103- Some map types should also been renamed. Namely,
104  - \c IntegerMap -> \c RangeMap
105  - \c StdMap -> \c SparseMap
106  - \c FunctorMap -> \c FunctorToMap
107  - \c MapFunctor -> \c MapToFunctor
108  - \c ForkWriteMap -> \c ForkMap
109  - \c StoreBoolMap -> \c LoggerBoolMap
110- \c dim2::BoundingBox -> \c dim2::Box
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