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1/* -*- mode: C++; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*-
2 *
3 * This file is a part of LEMON, a generic C++ optimization library.
4 *
5 * Copyright (C) 2003-2008
6 * Egervary Jeno Kombinatorikus Optimalizalasi Kutatocsoport
7 * (Egervary Research Group on Combinatorial Optimization, EGRES).
8 *
9 * Permission to use, modify and distribute this software is granted
10 * provided that this copyright notice appears in all copies. For
11 * precise terms see the accompanying LICENSE file.
12 *
13 * This software is provided "AS IS" with no warranty of any kind,
14 * express or implied, and with no claim as to its suitability for any
15 * purpose.
16 *
17 */
19namespace lemon {
22\page migration Migration from the 0.x Series
24This guide gives an in depth description on what has changed compared
25to the 0.x release series.
27Many of these changes adjusted automatically by the
28<tt>script/</tt> tool. Those requiring manual
29update are typeset <b>boldface</b>.
31\section migration-graph Graph Related Name Changes
33- \ref concepts::Digraph "Directed graphs" are called \c Digraph and
34  they have <tt>Arc</tt>s (instead of <tt>Edge</tt>s), while
35  \ref concepts::Graph "undirected graphs" are called \c Graph
36  (instead of \c UGraph) and they have <tt>Edge</tt>s (instead of
37  <tt>UEdge</tt>s). These changes reflected thoroughly everywhere in
38  the library. Namely,
39  - \c Graph -> \c Digraph
40    - \c %ListGraph -> \c ListDigraph, \c %SmartGraph -> \c SmartDigraph etc.
41  - \c UGraph -> \c Graph
42    - \c ListUGraph -> \c ListGraph, \c SmartUGraph -> \c SmartGraph etc.
43  - \c Edge -> \c Arc, \c UEdge -> \c Edge
44  - \c EdgeMap -> \c ArcMap, \c UEdgeMap -> \c EdgeMap
45  - \c EdgeIt -> \c ArcIt, \c UEdgeIt -> \c EdgeIt
46  - Class names and function names containing the words \c graph,
47    \c ugraph, \e edge or \e arc should also be updated.
48- <b>The two endpoints of an (\e undirected) \c Edge can be obtained by the
49  <tt>u()</tt> and <tt>v()</tt> member function of the graph
50  (instead of <tt>source()</tt> and <tt>target()</tt>). This change
51  must be done by hand.</b>
52  \n Of course, you can still use <tt>source()</tt> and <tt>target()</tt>
53  for <tt>Arc</tt>s (directed edges).
56<b>The <tt>script/</tt> tool replaces all instances of
57the words \c graph, \c digraph, \c edge and \c arc, so it replaces them
58in strings, comments etc. as well as in all identifiers.</b>
60\section migration-lgf LGF tools
61 - The \ref lgf-format "LGF file format" has changed,
62   <tt>\@nodeset</tt> has changed to <tt>\@nodes</tt>,
63   <tt>\@edgeset</tt> and <tt>\@uedgeset</tt> to <tt>\@arcs</tt> or
64   <tt>\@edges</tt>, which become completely equivalents. The
65   <tt>\@nodes</tt>, <tt>\@edges</tt> and <tt>\@uedges</tt> sections are
66   removed from the format, the content of them should be
67   the part of <tt>\@attributes</tt> section. The data fields in
68   the sections must follow a strict format, they must be either character
69   sequences without whitespaces or quoted strings.
70 - The <tt>LemonReader</tt> and <tt>LemonWriter</tt> core interfaces
71   are no longer available.
72 - The implementation of the general section readers and writers has changed
73   they are simple functors now. Beside the old
74   stream based section handling, currently line oriented section
75   reading and writing are also supported. In the
76   section readers the lines must be counted manually. The sections
77   should be read and written with the SectionWriter and SectionReader
78   classes.
79 - Instead of the item readers and writers, item converters should be
80   used. The converters are functors, which map the type to
81   std::string or std::string to the type. The converters for standard
82   containers hasn't yet been implemented in the new LEMON. The converters
83   can return strings in any format, because if it is necessary, the LGF
84   writer and reader will quote and unquote the given value.
85 - The DigraphReader and DigraphWriter can used similarly to the
86   0.x series, however the <tt>read</tt> or <tt>write</tt> prefix of
87   the member functions are removed.
88 - The new LEMON supports the function like interface, the \c
89   digraphReader and \c digraphWriter functions are more convenient than
90   using the classes directly.
92\section migration-search BFS, DFS and Dijkstra
93- <b>Using the function interface of BFS, DFS and %Dijkstra both source and
94  target nodes can be given as parameters of the <tt>run()</tt> function
95  (instead of \c bfs(), \c dfs() or \c dijkstra() itself).</b>
96- \ref named-templ-param "Named class template parameters" of \c Bfs,
97  \c Dfs, \c Dijkstra, \c BfsVisit, \c DfsVisit are renamed to start
98  with "Set" instead of "Def". Namely,
99  - \c DefPredMap -> \c SetPredMap
100  - \c DefDistMap -> \c SetDistMap
101  - \c DefReachedMap -> \c SetReachedMap
102  - \c DefProcessedMap -> \c SetProcessedMap
103  - \c DefHeap -> \c SetHeap
104  - \c DefStandardHeap -> \c SetStandardHeap
105  - \c DefOperationTraits -> \c SetOperationTraits
106  - \c DefProcessedMapToBeDefaultMap -> \c SetStandardProcessedMap
108\section migration-error Exceptions and Debug tools
110<b>The class hierarchy of exceptions has largely been simplified. Now,
111only the i/o related tools may throw exceptions. All other exceptions
112have been replaced with either the \c LEMON_ASSERT or the \c LEMON_DEBUG
115<b>On the other hand, the parameter order of constructors of the
116exceptions has been changed. See \ref IoError and \ref FormatError for
117more details.</b>
119\section migration-other Others
120- <b>The contents of <tt>graph_utils.h</tt> are moved to <tt>core.h</tt>
121  and <tt>maps.h</tt>. <tt>core.h</tt> is included by all graph types,
122  therefore it usually do not have to be included directly.</b>
123- <b><tt>path_utils.h</tt> is merged to \c path.h.</b>
124- <b>The semantic of the assignment operations and copy constructors of maps
125  are still under discussion. So, you must copy them by hand (i.e. copy
126  each entry one-by-one)</b>
127- <b>The parameters of the graph copying tools (i.e. \c GraphCopy,
128  \c DigraphCopy) have to be given in the from-to order.</b>
129- \c copyDigraph() and \c copyGraph() are renamed to \c digraphCopy()
130  and \c graphCopy(), respectively.
131- <b>The interface of \ref DynArcLookUp has changed. It is now the same as
132  of \ref ArcLookUp and \ref AllArcLookUp</b>
133- Some map types should also been renamed. Namely,
134  - \c IntegerMap -> \c RangeMap
135  - \c StdMap -> \c SparseMap
136  - \c FunctorMap -> \c FunctorToMap
137  - \c MapFunctor -> \c MapToFunctor
138  - \c ForkWriteMap -> \c ForkMap
139  - \c StoreBoolMap -> \c LoggerBoolMap
140- \c dim2::BoundingBox -> \c dim2::Box
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