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  • lemon/hartmann_orlin.h

    r859 r891  
    107107  /// \tparam LEN The type of the length map. The default
    108108  /// map type is \ref concepts::Digraph::ArcMap "GR::ArcMap<int>".
     109  /// \tparam TR The traits class that defines various types used by the
     110  /// algorithm. By default, it is \ref HartmannOrlinDefaultTraits
     111  /// "HartmannOrlinDefaultTraits<GR, LEN>".
     112  /// In most cases, this parameter should not be set directly,
     113  /// consider to use the named template parameters instead.
    109114#ifdef DOXYGEN
    110115  template <typename GR, typename LEN, typename TR>
    128133    ///
    129134    /// The large value type used for internal computations.
    130     /// Using the \ref HartmannOrlinDefaultTraits "default traits class",
    131     /// it is \c long \c long if the \c Value type is integer,
     135    /// By default, it is \c long \c long if the \c Value type is integer,
    132136    /// otherwise it is \c double.
    133137    typedef typename TR::LargeValue LargeValue;
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