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(edit) @2412:086fc76d591d   17 years Akos Ladanyi Append the svn revision number to the version string automatically.
(edit) @2390:8450951a8e2d   17 years Alpar Juttner - '-Wshadow' seemed to strict therefore removed - a tools directory …
(edit) @2386:81b47fc5c444   17 years Balazs Dezso Hard Warning checking - based on the remark of the ZIB user - we do …
(edit) @2315:bd09e00b64bb   18 years Balazs Dezso Configuration files for soplex
(edit) @2237:5674a5983e1e   18 years Alpar Juttner Improve the configuration environment / repository layout: - Update …
(edit) @2108:f2c532541730   18 years Akos Ladanyi Single makefile.
(edit) @2103:a979fcdda073   18 years Akos Ladanyi Exclude the gui from the build.
(edit) @2068:6936f130bba2   18 years Akos Ladanyi gLEMON does not compile with gtkmm 2.4.x
(edit) @2056:8acf212a5ed4   18 years Akos Ladanyi downgrade to gettext 0.14.2
(edit) @2043:54f80cf6ac86   18 years Akos Ladanyi revert to single configure scheme
(edit) @2012:224cd6aacfc1   18 years Akos Ladanyi - added gettext infrastructure to the gui - the gui has a separate …
(edit) @1994:9430de370570   18 years Mihaly Barasz bugfix: moving "invalid.h" down to "bits" broke autoconf
(edit) @1941:9fe177e0437d   18 years Alpar Juttner The version tag of the trunk is svn-head
(edit) @1905:b0b3fa857d72   19 years Akos Ladanyi Do not append -Wall -W to CXXFLAGS when it is set on the commandline.
(edit) @1863:12e0db6b7d0e   19 years Akos Ladanyi Demos and benchmarks are not built by default now. They can be enabled …
(edit) @1671:3c82a0d9e0e7   19 years Akos Ladanyi install docs in $datadir/doc/$PACKAGE
(edit) @1662:8b4d25be4f7a   19 years Alpar Juttner Let's go on!
(edit) @1659:ab1e97b7b2b7   19 years Alpar Juttner Dependency problem (guipixbufs.h) is solved.
(edit) @1572:ce52ee162ec0   19 years Alpar Juttner A bit more information on installation.
(edit) @1489:f7e9cc3bc2da   19 years Akos Ladanyi - separate file for each m4 script - consistent naming - removed …
(edit) @1487:6ea6d0d789c6   19 years Akos Ladanyi added macro for setting the name of the directory under datadir/doc
(edit) @1483:e427615afb48   19 years Akos Ladanyi added support for generating rpms (completely untested though)
(edit) @1482:b9818eea0550   19 years Akos Ladanyi updated required automake/autoconf versions (autoconf 2.57 is surely …
(edit) @1435:8e85e6bbefdf   19 years Akos Ladanyi trunk/src/* move to trunk/
(edit) @1433:e0ec5ce0771e   19 years Akos Ladanyi added a configuration header to the lemon directory
(edit) @1412:c7fab5a1174a   19 years Akos Ladanyi moved the gui
(edit) @1404:17c80cb3754b   19 years Akos Ladanyi added directory and check for the GUI
(edit) @1400:d12508c2a007   19 years Alpar Juttner Better doc generation.
(edit) @1380:cb2891afe526   19 years Akos Ladanyi added check for CLPEX
(edit) @1373:284841d50d63   19 years Alpar Juttner Fix glpk summary
(edit) @1372:03b52f7db271   19 years Alpar Juttner Configure summary is printed. (To be extended.)
(edit) @1370:76a3f46d361c   19 years Akos Ladanyi added m4 macro to control documentation generation
(edit) @1350:fb794edbf04b   19 years Akos Ladanyi - added an m4 script to set debugging related compiler flags
(edit) @1349:83388a4aa3af   19 years Akos Ladanyi - GLPK is autodetected now
(edit) @1348:115e42a5b0f7   19 years Akos Ladanyi - added autoheader (just to reduce the compliers argument list) - …
(edit) @1327:ecc1cdea2ee7   19 years Alpar Juttner Disable shared libraries (makes the compilation a bit faster)
(edit) @1304:c9c2e90b2342   19 years Akos Ladanyi Merged my branch (branches/akos) changes r1654:1740 into the trunk.
(edit) @1171:f426c84a4e00   19 years Alpar Juttner Experimental autopackage specfile.
(edit) @1163:eb4e28715baf   19 years Alpar Juttner Let's go on!
(edit) @1108:253b66e7e41d   19 years Alpar Juttner - '%%Title:', '%%Copyright:' and '%%CreationDate:' fields added to …
(edit) @939:1559584ca634   20 years Alpar Juttner - Change version 0.2 -> 0.3 - Doxyfile change for right #include< >'s …
(edit) @934:003736604835   20 years Akos Ladanyi Added 'src/demo/'.
(edit) @921:818510fa3d99   20 years Alpar Juttner hugo -> lemon
(edit) @774:4297098d9677   20 years Alpar Juttner Merge back the whole branches/hugo++ to trunk.
(edit) @716:e7f13f60fcfd   20 years Alpar Juttner Turn on '-Wall' by default.
(edit) @704:f450618b8f98   20 years Akos Ladanyi Added new make target 'benchmark'.
(add) @542:69bde1d90c04   20 years Akos Ladanyi Set up automake environment.
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