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(edit) @2553:bfced05fa852   17 years Alpar Juttner Happy New Year to LEMON (+ better update-copyright-header script)
(edit) @2526:b7727edd44f2   17 years Balazs Dezso Redesign Circulation interface according to new flow interface New …
(edit) @2514:57143c09dc20   17 years Balazs Dezso Redesign the maximum flow algorithms Redesigned interface Preflow …
(edit) @2510:bb523a4758f7   17 years Balazs Dezso removing semicolon ftom the end of GRAPH_TYPEDEFS
(edit) @2497:ea96c0acefc4   17 years Akos Ladanyi Build fix.
(edit) @2494:839c74eeba84   17 years Akos Ladanyi Makefile fix.
(edit) @2492:387f6ff851ef   17 years Balazs Dezso Adding doc
(edit) @2476:059dcdda37c5   17 years Peter Kovacs Bug fixes in the documentation (mainly bad references).
(edit) @2472:fb60f631790b   17 years Peter Kovacs Missing header.
(edit) @2459:ea943997a8fe   17 years Balazs Dezso Sample input for sat-2 and sat demos
(edit) @2452:24887f3a35ec   17 years Alpar Juttner Update the demo file of Circulation
(edit) @2420:07c4f9bcb4d5   17 years Balazs Dezso Demo program for SAT problems
(edit) @2416:261b4701405d   17 years Balazs Dezso Small improvments
(edit) @2413:21eb3ccdc3df   17 years Balazs Dezso Right dimacs format for min cost flows Bug fixes in tolerance and …
(edit) @2411:5820c6cec654   17 years Balazs Dezso Bug fix
(edit) @2408:467ca6d16556   17 years Alpar Juttner Doc improvements contributed by Peter Kovacs.
(edit) @2404:ec474604075e   17 years Alpar Juttner dim_to_lgf has been moved to tools/ (from demo/)
(edit) @2402:da8eb8f4ea41   17 years Alpar Juttner An improved version of ArgParser?: You don't need to give an explicit …
(edit) @2400:b199ded24c19   17 years Balazs Dezso Steiner 2-approximation demo
(edit) @2392:4bbeaf115cdb   17 years Balazs Dezso Bug whit Parent typedef in SplitGraphAdaptor::CombinedEdgeMap? Fixing …
(edit) @2391:14a343be7a5a   17 years Alpar Juttner Happy New Year to all source files!
(edit) @2389:df6a32249b46   17 years Alpar Juttner arg_parser.h: A command line argument parser. dist_log.h: A tool for …
(edit) @2386:81b47fc5c444   17 years Balazs Dezso Hard Warning checking - based on the remark of the ZIB user - we do …
(edit) @2375:e30a0fdad0d7   17 years Alpar Juttner A preflow based general network circulation algorithm and a simple demo
(edit) @2369:6ae1a97055a2   17 years Balazs Dezso Naming convention changes setObj => obj is_min => isMin …
(edit) @2367:041878e6f388   17 years Alpar Juttner More adequate doc.
(edit) @2360:72c7075ad5ba   17 years Alpar Juttner Lagrange relaxation based algorithm for the delay constrained least …
(edit) @2359:97a5cd10ca16   17 years Balazs Dezso Some spellcheck
(edit) @2350:eb371753e814   17 years Alpar Juttner Several doc improvements.
(edit) @2310:96cca167430a   18 years Alpar Juttner - update to be in line with the renamed xy and …
(edit) @2306:42cce226b87b   18 years Balazs Dezso BfsVisitor? Bipartite partitions based on visitors => …
(edit) @2281:55b15666560f   18 years mqrelly tutorial update algorithms, and graph visualisation
(edit) @2269:fb1c634fff29   18 years Balazs Dezso Bug fix for removing heap Item from template parameter list
(edit) @2242:16523135943d   18 years Balazs Dezso New random interface Switching to the new interface
(edit) @2232:ae8562537502   18 years Alpar Juttner Fix a bug and two warnings
(edit) @2216:1e45cdeea3cc   18 years Alpar Juttner The recent progresses on the tutorial due to Mark.
(edit) @2209:d3425607d41a   18 years Alpar Juttner Resolve 'unused variable' warning
(edit) @2207:75a29ac69c19   18 years Alpar Juttner xy -> dim2::Point
(edit) @2195:f47faf6913ab   18 years Alpar Juttner Tutorial improvements by Mark (mqrelly)
(edit) @2178:0d7c0f96a5ee   18 years Alpar Juttner - bezier.h went to lemon/bits/ - new graphToEps() option: …
(edit) @2174:f9e43b5cc617   18 years Alpar Juttner Some color constants added (BLACK, WHITE, RED etc)
(edit) @2173:b4de9aed7709   18 years Alpar Juttner Resolve unused variable warning.
(edit) @2172:4b25e7003868   18 years Alpar Juttner - Change ColorSet? to Palette - Minor change in graph_orientation demo.
(edit) @2161:a21d1e88d389   18 years Balazs Dezso Omit warning
(edit) @2158:0b620ff10e7c   18 years Alpar Juttner Minor doc improvement
(edit) @2148:ab368e0ab662   18 years athos Modifications to the interface: colType() functions, though I left the …
(edit) @2147:63d293ff1bef   18 years athos mip_test file went to mip_demo.
(edit) @2146:5fcb6598276d   18 years athos Still not final.
(edit) @2145:73e0c8207e11   18 years athos Sorry, mistake
(edit) @2119:4cf25c61ea65   18 years Akos Ladanyi Distribute Makefiles.
(edit) @2116:b6a68c15a6a3   18 years Balazs Dezso Revert splitted files
(edit) @2115:4cd528a30ec1   18 years Balazs Dezso Splitted graph files
(edit) @2108:f2c532541730   18 years Akos Ladanyi Single makefile.
(edit) @2084:59769591eb60   18 years Balazs Dezso Documentation improvements Rearrangements: IO modules Algorithms …
(edit) @2081:94a7deb46c07   18 years Balazs Dezso New demo file for computing disjoint paths Doc review Correcting …
(edit) @2042:bdc953f2a449   18 years Balazs Dezso New Algorithm group for matchings LaTeX formulas Bug fix => /\f$ …
(edit) @2038:33db14058543   18 years Balazs Dezso LinearHeap? is renamed to BucketHeap? which is more conform and widely …
(edit) @2013:02e70e25aac5   18 years Akos Ladanyi include fixes
(edit) @2008:0820d8168cbb   18 years Alpar Juttner "Node shapes" added
(edit) @1979:c2992fd74dad   18 years Balazs Dezso Mergeing extendermerge branch Changes: the extender system resize …
(edit) @1971:9a59a6cacfd9   18 years Alpar Juttner - RGB color related stuff is in color.h now - eps.h: A simple class to …
(edit) @1969:68c2c1176e9e   18 years Alpar Juttner One more step towards Undir -> U conversion…
(edit) @1959:264811b995f3   18 years Alpar Juttner Spellcheck
(edit) @1956:a055123339d5   18 years Alpar Juttner Unified copyright notices
(edit) @1930:92b70deed0c5   18 years Alpar Juttner Solve bug #23: Floating versus Integer Coordinates - BoundingBox?
(edit) @1928:2e957d67d7b9   18 years Alpar Juttner Use [] instead of set().
(edit) @1920:e9e27c5a53bf   18 years Akos Ladanyi added simann_maxcut_demo
(edit) @1919:9704601de87f   18 years Akos Ladanyi demo for simann
(edit) @1913:49fe71fce7fb   18 years Balazs Dezso Making iterable bool map dynamic Changed interface
(edit) @1910:f95eea8c34b0   18 years Balazs Dezso Bipartite => Bp Upper => A Lower => B + some bug fix
(edit) @1909:2d806130e700   18 years Mihaly Barasz Undir -> U transition
(edit) @1901:723b2b81d900   18 years Balazs Dezso Lemon Graph Format uses label instead of id named map.
(edit) @1875:98698b69a902   19 years Alpar Juttner Happy new year to LEMON
(edit) @1802:fdfa3aa18607   19 years Balazs Dezso Demo for topology
(edit) @1794:79397d64f742   19 years Balazs Dezso String->Double
(edit) @1775:f19e108cb286   19 years Balazs Dezso Added doc to demos.
(edit) @1763:49045f2d28d4   19 years Balazs Dezso pred => predEdge rename
(edit) @1744:51d5d41e15b1   19 years Balazs Dezso Removing old input/output functions
(edit) @1727:0c7d717b9538   19 years Balazs Dezso Doc and changing heap
(edit) @1715:e71778873dd0   19 years Alpar Juttner Doc improvments
(edit) @1693:269f0cbfbcc8   19 years Balazs Dezso Improving GridGraph? and HyperCubeGraph?
(edit) @1687:7dc3abbb7636   19 years Alpar Juttner - silly mistake fixed - output is graph_orientation.eps - sample input …
(edit) @1683:13648409b596   19 years Balazs Dezso Input file for coloring.
(edit) @1681:84e43c7ca1e3   19 years Balazs Dezso SubGraphAdaptors? with edge checking functionality. Improved …
(edit) @1680:4f8b9cee576b   19 years Balazs Dezso Fixing and improving GridGraph?
(edit) @1678:b7b7125a5fe8   19 years Alpar Juttner A thoroughly documented demo application.
(edit) @1641:77f6ab7ad66f   19 years Alpar Juttner Demos' documentations include the source.
(edit) @1640:9c7834ac5e64   19 years Alpar Juttner - Better insertion of sources examples - Superfluous #include removed …
(edit) @1636:260ac104190f   19 years Akos Ladanyi Added missing copyright headers, and corrected the file names in some …
(edit) @1630:f67737f5727a   19 years Alpar Juttner Doc changes: - True and False got documented - Graph "developper …
(edit) @1626:e251336be488   19 years Akos Ladanyi Added copyright header and description.
(edit) @1610:893dacc1866c   19 years Alpar Juttner A default LP solver is defined in lp.h
(edit) @1587:8f1c317ebeb4   19 years Alpar Juttner Doc improvements
(edit) @1584:cf4bc8d477f4   19 years zsuzska corrections
(edit) @1583:2b329fd595ef   19 years athos Documented some more demo programs.
(edit) @1580:a9e4208cf4e3   19 years athos Some changes to kruskal stuff.
(edit) @1578:1d3a1bcbc874   19 years zsuzska kruskal_demo corrected, quicktour filled with kruskal
(edit) @1577:15098fb5275c   19 years athos Documentation (lp_demo,lp_maxflow) and slight changes (rest).
(edit) @1573:b76a0af36f44   19 years Alpar Juttner - is rightly documented - Fix/improve …
(edit) @1571:68ce4302fb0b   19 years Alpar Juttner Minor change
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