COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

source: lemon-0.x/lemon/topology.h

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(edit) @1979:c2992fd74dad   15 years Balazs Dezso Mergeing extendermerge branch Changes: the extender system resize …
(edit) @1956:a055123339d5   15 years Alpar Juttner Unified copyright notices
(edit) @1909:2d806130e700   16 years Mihaly Barasz Undir -> U transition
(edit) @1875:98698b69a902   16 years Alpar Juttner Happy new year to LEMON
(edit) @1817:dc3516405f8f   16 years Alpar Juttner - Spellcheck (pathes->paths)
(edit) @1808:c499025ca638   16 years Alpar Juttner wirteable -> writable
(edit) @1807:5f2f3d982eba   16 years Alpar Juttner Empty graph is (strongly) connected.
(edit) @1800:d391ea416aa0   16 years Balazs Dezso bipartite by szakall
(edit) @1793:d8130458dd86   16 years Balazs Dezso Documentation fixes
(edit) @1767:58455e2aa13e   16 years Balazs Dezso Changed name
(edit) @1763:49045f2d28d4   16 years Balazs Dezso pred => predEdge rename
(edit) @1750:5c76ebbb4818   16 years Balazs Dezso Connected components, etc... Based on the dfs visitor interface
(edit) @1740:4cade8579363   16 years Balazs Dezso Bug fix in connectedComponents Strongly connected components
(edit) @1739:b1385f5da81b   16 years Alpar Juttner Computing the number of the connected components and the components …
(edit) @1709:a323456bf7c8   16 years Balazs Dezso Template Named Parameter bugfix
(add) @1698:755cdc461ddd   16 years Balazs Dezso Small functions for discovering graph topology
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