COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

source: lemon-0.x/src/lemon/list_graph.h

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(edit) @1080:568ce2be7fe0   19 years Alpar Juttner Changes in doc.
(edit) @1040:372f08e8f403   19 years Balazs Dezso AlterationObserverRegistry? -> AlterationNotifier? third step
(edit) @1039:bd01c5a3f989   19 years Balazs Dezso AlterationObserverRegistry? -> AlterationNotifier? 2 step
(edit) @1035:f2a3426e64e6   19 years Alpar Juttner Make UndirListGraph? and UndirSmartGraph? visible in the doc.
(edit) @1034:be6ee857b72d   19 years Mihaly Barasz Undir list and smart graph
(edit) @1012:2bfbe3f4307c   19 years Alpar Juttner ObserverRegistry? base classed in SnapShot? has changed to be protected
(edit) @1011:5bd6c7671c9e   19 years Alpar Juttner - snapshot-rollback functionarity added to ListGraph? - The iterface of …
(edit) @1010:072bddac076e   19 years Alpar Juttner reverseEdge() and contract() member-functions added.
(edit) @986:e997802b855c   19 years Alpar Juttner Naming changes: - head -> target - tail -> source
(edit) @980:0f1044b7a3af   19 years Balazs Dezso maxNodeId() and maxEdgeId() changed to maxId(Node) and maxId(Edge) …
(edit) @975:12b9993b217c   19 years marci for better compatibility with gcc-3.4
(edit) @959:c80ef5912903   19 years Mihaly Barasz skeleton(s) -> concept renaming
(edit) @949:b16a10926781   19 years Alpar Juttner ListGraph? compilation bug fixed.
(edit) @948:bc86b64f958e   19 years Alpar Juttner - moveHead() and moveTail() added. Not tested.
(edit) @946:c94ef40a22ce   19 years Mihaly Barasz The graph_factory branch (@ 1321) has been merged to trunk.
(edit) @937:d4e911acef3d   19 years Balazs Dezso Revert backport changes -r1230.
(add) @921:818510fa3d99   19 years Alpar Juttner hugo -> lemon
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