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(edit) @987:87f7c54892df   17 years Alpar Juttner Naming changes: - ValueType? -> Value - KeyType? -> Key - ReferenceType?
(edit) @986:e997802b855c   17 years Alpar Juttner Naming changes: - head -> target - tail -> source
(edit) @922:e816fac59f6d   17 years Mihaly Barasz hugo -> lemon renaming leftovers
(edit) @921:818510fa3d99   17 years Alpar Juttner hugo -> lemon
(edit) @672:6c7bd0edd1d7   17 years athos Seems to work. More tests required.
(edit) @671:708df4dc6ab6   17 years athos Compiles now
(edit) @662:0155001b6f65   17 years athos Almost compiles.
(edit) @661:d306e777117e   17 years athos Corrected some obvious errors.
(edit) @659:c5984e925384   17 years athos Almost ready.
(edit) @657:531fc5f575ef   17 years athos Not ready yet.
(edit) @645:d93d8b9906d1   17 years athos I don't really feel like working on this at the moment.
(edit) @635:933f593824c2   17 years athos Started mincostflow.
(edit) @633:305bd9c56f10   17 years athos Slight modifications.
(edit) @611:83530dad618a   17 years athos Some modifications and another testfile.
(edit) @608:84b04b70ad89   17 years athos Moved things into the include (hugo) directory.
(edit) @607:327f7cf13843   17 years athos Finished MinLengthPaths?: a specialization of MinCostFlows?.
(edit) @601:6c6c0eb89b47   17 years athos That's what I wanted.
(edit) @600:09148a2c5ed2   17 years athos
(edit) @599:26d6c7b5c367   17 years athos Bocs, veletlen volt.
(edit) @554:2d27cbaa982d   17 years athos Method checkSolution() added.
(edit) @551:d167149bde95   17 years athos Written hugo/ into includes.
(edit) @547:50184b822370   17 years athos Modified a little bit
(edit) @530:d9c06ac0b3a3   17 years athos Minimum cost flows of small values: algorithm from Andras Frank's …
(edit) @527:7550fed0cd91   17 years athos Nem tudom, a hugo-n miert nem megy.
(edit) @523:4da6fb104664   17 years athos Started.
(edit) @520:e4a6300616f9   17 years athos Created Compiles with: g++-3.0 -Wall -I. …
(edit) @519:474f5508e9a2   17 years athos Putting things in their place
(edit) @513:60afd11e6cb3   17 years athos xy_test added: it was not entirely useless, I found a mistake in xy.h
(edit) @511:325c9430723e   17 years athos getPath() function implemented.
(edit) @505:8589c0658839   17 years athos I changed it to correspond changing requirements
(edit) @491:4804c967543d   18 years Mihaly Barasz ingroup bug
(edit) @456:02c28d3cf97b   18 years Alpar Juttner Doxygen options changed. \author's added.
(edit) @432:a51ba0e51a3a   18 years Alpar Juttner xy.h went to src/include.
(edit) @431:79a5641f2dbc   18 years Alpar Juttner docs
(edit) @430:60e4627e8c74   18 years Alpar Juttner Many new modules (groups) in the documentation.
(edit) @331:f5461f8bc59b   18 years athos Elkezdtem atirni a preflow_push-t. Csinaltam egy backupot graph …
(edit) @330:7ac0d4e8a31c   18 years marci In the resgraphwrapper interface, and in the constructor, the order of …
(edit) @329:0dade87d013b   18 years Alpar Juttner * empty log message *
(edit) @328:e2dd93586ebf   18 years Alpar Juttner Spell chechking
(edit) @322:a42dacfd0e3e   18 years athos The paths are stored in vectors, assumed there is no circle of length 0
(edit) @314:eabbe162e32e   18 years athos minlengthpaths is ready, but the paths are not yet determined: needs …
(edit) @313:30c5179f296b   18 years marci marci makes makefile
(edit) @310:76c005b15354   18 years Mihaly Barasz Converted the "minlengthpaths" alg. to the new style graph_wrappers.
(edit) @306:4d15193e3a5d   18 years athos Compiles and segfaults again. Renamed from Suurballe.
(edit) @300:60b578e3d507   18 years athos Renaming Suurballe to minlengthpaths
(edit) @299:54e8905344ba   18 years athos Renaming Suurballe to minlengthpaths
(edit) @294:f0ff6981d4fd   18 years Alpar Juttner file doc added
(edit) @292:9e2c108ec0f9   18 years athos Nem tom, mi valtozott
(edit) @291:65460cbf9e90   18 years athos Mukodik a Suurballe
(edit) @277:044f5898b769   18 years athos Munkaido
(edit) @276:b38f4cfa76cf   18 years athos suurballe fordulo es segfaultolo(!) valtozata
(edit) @251:f123e5116bc1   18 years athos Csak pár ötlet…
(edit) @250:81a3d0abe5f3   18 years athos Hozzáadtam pár dolgot, mielőtt áttérünk az svn-re.
(edit) @249:0b0bdf24d00c   18 years Alpar Juttner DocFix?
(edit) @244:0e02be2ca43c   18 years athos Betettem 1 file-ba a boundingbox-ot és az xy-t + egyéb apró módosítások.
(edit) @242:b255f25ad394   18 years Alpar Juttner DocFixes?
(edit) @240:4a1d2e642552   18 years athos Elkészült a boundingbox osztály (boundingbox.h) és hozzá a tesztprogi.
(edit) @237:7fb8b67d2c5e   18 years marci .
(edit) @207:9910d5a5be7f   18 years athos Még írtam bele 2 dolgot, meg a tesztelot is kibovitettem.
(edit) @201:b9158a014fe8   18 years athos Alpár javaslatára készítettem egy struktúrát 2 dimenziós vektorok …
(edit) @120:576f55fec89e   18 years athos Itt van.
(edit) @119:9b3345f9d8ed   18 years athos Alpar, nezz bele
(edit) @105:a3c73e9b9b2e   18 years Alpar Juttner marci -> hugo replacements resize -> update replacements
(edit) @77:69b2d279c8f0   18 years athos Kijavitottam a preflow_push algoritmust az uj koncept szerint.
(add) @36:7d539ea6ad26   18 years athos preflow_push.hh: Preflow-push valtozat by athos A tesztfile: …
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