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(edit) @52:a4fc9c5dcee5   20 years Alpar Juttner An empty Graph class.
(edit) @51:41133bd4ed94   20 years marci atrendezes
(edit) @50:e125f12784e2   20 years jacint * empty log message *
(edit) @49:f00a4f7e2149   20 years marci marci_graph_demo in new concept
(edit) @48:55fa34646895   20 years marci marci_graph_demo, iterator_bfs_dfs_demo
(edit) @47:cbdb54e46d96   20 years jacint Moved to /jacint
(edit) @46:0f1aacd7867b   20 years marci marci_list_graph.hh in the new upper-cased concept
(edit) @45:8fe92d6829e8   20 years marci iterator style bfs, dfs
(edit) @44:e3a220fc6155   20 years marci some informations on the upper-cased new graph concept
(edit) @43:8ff5dc7d18eb   20 years marci marci_max_flow.hh in the new concept
(edit) @42:3ee2187d6342   20 years marci marci_bfs.hh in the new, upper-case concept, and som further improvements
(edit) @40:ffaa9448964c   20 years Mihaly Barasz Jacint conflict-janak kijavitasa
(edit) @39:28b0d751d29f   20 years Mihaly Barasz Alap leiras a BinHeap? -rol BinHeap::state() befejezese
(edit) @38:edea2e1dc6ef   20 years Mihaly Barasz -MM sajnos mashogy mukodik meg a 3.0 alatt -ansi -pedantic …
(edit) @37:e0e41f9e2be5   20 years Mihaly Barasz Generikus binaris kupac implementacio. Alap demo file mukodesenek …
(edit) @36:7d539ea6ad26   20 years athos preflow_push.hh: Preflow-push valtozat by athos A tesztfile: …
(edit) @35:65dca0f43fba   21 years Alpar Juttner .
(edit) @34:2b607665c9e2   21 years Mihaly Barasz Okos makefile depend szabalyok egyszeru -> valami esetek …
(edit) @33:f505c414feb9   21 years jacint Primitive Dijkstra with stl priority queue. is for …
(edit) @32:82f6987d6d2e   21 years jacint A new version is coming.
(edit) @31:d93bef0c4ed3   21 years marci c++
(edit) @30:10a3f2e0928c   21 years jacint is_valid changed to valid
(edit) @24:d7321cdf5664   21 years jacint makefile for the flow algorithms by jacint
(edit) @23:a72cac00e274   21 years jacint Test for the flow algorithms
(edit) @22:0286c68fc680   21 years jacint A reverse bfs
(edit) @21:181b37336b29   21 years jacint A max flow algorithm counting only the max flow value
(edit) @20:bf088f14b87a   21 years jacint A max flow algorithm
(edit) @19:3151a1026db9   21 years marci * empty log message *
(edit) @17:8b29d935f1a6   21 years marci make_invalid()
(edit) @16:dd19ef4d7ba4   21 years marci * empty log message *
(edit) @15:e41c71268807   21 years marci new method for making invalid iterators: make_invalid()
(edit) @14:99014d576aed   21 years marci reimplemented max_flow algorithm class with bfs_iterator1
(edit) @13:d33813af6e50   21 years marci b_node bug correction
(edit) @12:0810e3fc64a4   21 years marci .
(edit) @11:33a84426c221   21 years marci bfs_iterator1
(edit) @10:436df3c980d1   21 years marci property vectorokhoz korabban is letezo fill constructorok …
(edit) @9:a9ed3f1c2c63   21 years marci marci
(edit) @8:cd54905012bc   21 years Alpar Juttner -New test: added - Graph class has a NodeMap? and an …
(edit) @7:0f527d1b9149   21 years Alpar Juttner .
(edit) @6:b63d1bc367f7   21 years Alpar Juttner !!!Tests!!!
(edit) @4:8009bb5ddd09   21 years Alpar Juttner a 'bfs algorithm class' proposal added
(edit) @3:272a5677bd6d   21 years Alpar Juttner - Marci type iterator constructors - src/demo/ demo for …
(edit) @2:37117ebbabe2   21 years Alpar Juttner bfs
(add) @1:207fb3c727cb   21 years Alpar Juttner src/demo/graph.h: a proposal for a graph implementation …
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