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(edit) @395:b619f369a9ef   20 years Alpar Juttner For the future "node_set" and "edge_set" structures.
(edit) @394:3a34c5626e52   20 years beckerjc New union-find structure with enumerable classes.
(edit) @393:4535f78639e2   20 years marci misc
(edit) @392:b8d635e1672d   20 years marci g++-4.0
(edit) @390:8dc830d3f9ef   20 years marci jacint mindig modosit, es ezert nekunk is kell
(edit) @389:770cc1f4861f   20 years marci modifications for better compatibility with gcc 3.4.0
(edit) @388:8aca0af3f30b   20 years jacint ResGraphWrapper? running time comparison test.
(edit) @383:0d5a628cb184   20 years Mihaly Barasz 3.4.0-asban megszuntettek a bug-ot. Egyaltalan nem hagyta leforditani …
(edit) @382:f177fc597abd   20 years Alpar Juttner
(edit) @381:d72470496fbe   20 years marci misc
(edit) @380:6399494e30b1   20 years marci .
(edit) @379:a5bff2813c4d   20 years marci .
(edit) @378:c3f93631cd24   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @377:33fe0ee01dc5   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @376:5c12f3515452   20 years marci preflow mods
(edit) @375:d9a58896ab43   20 years jacint
(edit) @374:0fc9cd9b854a   20 years jacint
(edit) @372:e6a156fc186d   20 years jacint
(edit) @371:b2acba449222   20 years marci misc
(edit) @370:5eceadf9316c   20 years jacint
(edit) @369:dc9c19f4ca9a   20 years Mihaly Barasz Directed path structure. Proposal for a path building interface.
(edit) @368:0beed7a49063   20 years marci experimental bipartite graph wrapper
(edit) @367:825647d4eca7   20 years Mihaly Barasz Remove function and some todos.
(edit) @366:be6fe0ea99b5   20 years Mihaly Barasz Test for the new style iter
(edit) @365:9ca84022df34   20 years Mihaly Barasz Masikfele iteralas, Node-hoz alkalmazkodva…
(edit) @364:749a831c6a8f   20 years marci dimacs.hh goes to oldies
(edit) @363:7a05119c121a   20 years Mihaly Barasz Idezni csak pontosan, szepen, ahogy a csiga…
(edit) @362:6c2e8a1f380a   20 years Mihaly Barasz IterableMap?: no range checking, no warning :)
(edit) @361:ab0899df30d2   20 years Mihaly Barasz IterableMap? with template ValueType?. IterableBoolMap? as a …
(edit) @360:91fba31268d6   20 years marci work/marci/bfs_iterator.h BfsIterator5 -> BfsIterator?, DfsIterator5 -> …
(edit) @359:8cc53a6b1e61   20 years marci misc
(edit) @358:caf183989ec4   20 years marci time comparison for bfs iterator and iterator by hand
(edit) @357:5165a1c8633e   20 years Alpar Juttner Requests for docs.
(edit) @356:b4dcbe3e3b8f   20 years Alpar Juttner .
(edit) @354:0e8eb96c22ca   20 years marci UndirListGraph?, somebody should try it.
(edit) @352:4b89077ab715   20 years beckerjc A successful work-around for using const map reference as an output …
(edit) @351:01fb9da7a363   20 years Alpar Juttner NullMap?
(edit) @350:3a9a767b841e   20 years beckerjc Maximum Adjacency Ordering (beta)
(edit) @349:42c660f58702   20 years beckerjc Kruskal lenyegeben kesz. Kell meg dokumentalni, meg meg egy par jol …
(edit) @348:b63ea19e502e   20 years Alpar Juttner A bool Edge Map with iterators that goes through the true or the false …
(edit) @347:e4ab32225f1c   20 years Mihaly Barasz A generic map with value type [0, N) where N is a small integer. Can …
(edit) @344:9b24714c3b1c   20 years Alpar Juttner Some cosmetic changes and spell checking.
(edit) @342:c98125b3f47c   20 years Alpar Juttner An example for a readable/writeable but non-referrable map without …
(edit) @341:6046b1d0f267   20 years marci semmi
(edit) @340:a2ce3c4780b7   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @338:e8725f30dd98   20 years marci kicsit takaritottam, es szepitettem es, es maga a csuda, de azer nem …
(edit) @337:6e1b7efa577f   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @336:8ff3b3e05478   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @335:999eb3cd7b49   20 years marci jflsjfljskf
(edit) @334:63703ea7d02f   20 years marci brrr
(edit) @333:e0a80761dfd9   20 years marci makroizeles
(edit) @332:5dc61ba30730   20 years marci .
(edit) @331:f5461f8bc59b   20 years athos Elkezdtem atirni a preflow_push-t. Csinaltam egy backupot graph …
(edit) @330:7ac0d4e8a31c   20 years marci In the resgraphwrapper interface, and in the constructor, the order of …
(edit) @329:0dade87d013b   20 years Alpar Juttner * empty log message *
(edit) @328:e2dd93586ebf   20 years Alpar Juttner Spell chechking
(edit) @327:63c138adc477   20 years Alpar Juttner Documentation.
(edit) @326:e2f00e438c31   20 years Alpar Juttner Deprecated…
(edit) @325:5fe27632f9ac   20 years marci kiserletezek a concept-leirassal, skeleton kereteben, ha kesz lesz …
(edit) @324:c8b0ad782bda   20 years Alpar Juttner Naming conventions…
(edit) @323:58bc28afea63   20 years marci gw, kiszedtem ami nem kell
(edit) @322:a42dacfd0e3e   20 years athos The paths are stored in vectors, assumed there is no circle of length 0
(edit) @318:7bec4e8fb7dd   20 years marci gw
(edit) @317:6e6db1c49bc1   20 years marci gw
(edit) @316:d9691d0102bd   20 years marci bug
(edit) @315:7b97540cd743   20 years marci ansi pedantic bug in gcc
(edit) @314:eabbe162e32e   20 years athos minlengthpaths is ready, but the paths are not yet determined: needs …
(edit) @313:30c5179f296b   20 years marci marci makes makefile
(edit) @312:54e07057eb47   20 years marci gw
(edit) @311:6635b11938fe   20 years marci gw
(edit) @310:76c005b15354   20 years Mihaly Barasz Converted the "minlengthpaths" alg. to the new style graph_wrappers.
(edit) @309:50f1d2077d50   20 years marci .
(edit) @308:379e1d50089d   20 years Mihaly Barasz Working on athos' minlengthpaths algo
(edit) @307:0fac67bef95a   20 years marci 1 konstruktor nem volt publikus
(edit) @306:4d15193e3a5d   20 years athos Compiles and segfaults again. Renamed from Suurballe.
(edit) @305:6720705c9095   20 years marci .
(edit) @304:10d035c2e81c   20 years marci ez mar kafa
(edit) @303:1b377a730d02   20 years marci konvergalunk, konvergalunk…
(edit) @302:2c52fc9781d4   20 years Alpar Juttner Move bfs.h to my own territory.
(edit) @301:7eb324ed5da3   20 years marci kicsi moveolgatas
(edit) @300:60b578e3d507   20 years athos Renaming Suurballe to minlengthpaths
(edit) @299:54e8905344ba   20 years athos Renaming Suurballe to minlengthpaths
(edit) @298:315d826faa8f   20 years marci graph_wrappers …
(edit) @294:f0ff6981d4fd   20 years Alpar Juttner file doc added
(edit) @292:9e2c108ec0f9   20 years athos Nem tom, mi valtozott
(edit) @291:65460cbf9e90   20 years athos Mukodik a Suurballe
(edit) @286:d3c4d99860a9   20 years Mihaly Barasz Miscellaneous maps, early version skeletons/maps.h: minor bug
(edit) @283:91e78d9b78f4   20 years Mihaly Barasz map tests (not yet)
(edit) @281:3fefabfd00b7   20 years marci One more experimental study about dereferation vs optimization
(edit) @280:19f3943521ab   20 years marci takaritas
(edit) @279:be43902fadb7   20 years marci minor changes
(edit) @278:c11f84e3da21   20 years marci const Graph&, const CapMap?& in preflow constructor
(edit) @277:044f5898b769   20 years athos Munkaido
(edit) @276:b38f4cfa76cf   20 years athos suurballe fordulo es segfaultolo(!) valtozata
(edit) @275:2dd19df03593   20 years marci misc
(edit) @274:28728f3945c5   20 years Mihaly Barasz bin_heap merge-olva
(edit) @272:6179d85566e4   20 years marci Nehany folyamalgoritmus futasi ideje, azzal a kozponti kerdessel, hogy …
(edit) @271:951cd01495e7   20 years marci makefile, you see…
(edit) @270:e4811faaaa75   20 years marci Ment-e a dereferalasok sporolasaval elobbre a vilag?
(edit) @269:07af3069c0b8   20 years marci Working on-the-fly with wrappers
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