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(edit) @538:d8863141824d   17 years jacint
(edit) @537:acd69f60b9c7   17 years jacint Contains Edmonds' matching algorithm in a plain and in a heuristical form.
(edit) @536:c050de070935   17 years jacint tests max_matching.h
(edit) @535:bd79aa43f299   17 years jacint
(edit) @534:22ce98f7d0f1   17 years jacint primitive random graph generator
(edit) @533:04eb0d9022c8   17 years Alpar Juttner Minor bugfix.
(edit) @532:2544205de129   17 years Alpar Juttner Compiles also with icc.
(edit) @531:66f1c466889f   17 years Alpar Juttner Compiles with are icc, as well.
(edit) @530:d9c06ac0b3a3   17 years athos Minimum cost flows of small values: algorithm from Andras Frank's …
(edit) @529:e63a1dda5c68   17 years jacint Adding update() to NullMap?
(edit) @528:c00f6ebbe1e6   17 years jacint Able to read min cost flow, max flow, shortest path, matching testgraphs
(edit) @527:7550fed0cd91   17 years athos Nem tudom, a hugo-n miert nem megy.
(edit) @526:def920ddaba7   17 years marci bool forward(Edge), bool backward(Edge)
(edit) @525:ddc405f1d48f   17 years marci misc
(edit) @524:bd8109f8e2fa   17 years marci An undirected graph template UndirGraph?<Graph> can be used.
(edit) @523:4da6fb104664   17 years athos Started.
(edit) @522:a0ed1fa1b800   17 years athos Nothing special.
(edit) @521:c360666e10e4   17 years athos Ezt mintha mar toroltem volna.
(edit) @520:e4a6300616f9   17 years athos Created Compiles with: g++-3.0 -Wall -I. …
(edit) @519:474f5508e9a2   17 years athos Putting things in their place
(edit) @518:fcdb561b8c78   17 years athos Started minlengthpaths_test, but it should not be here
(edit) @517:1380377682ab   17 years athos Test file finished. Really.
(edit) @516:c37949721c61   17 years athos Test file finished.
(edit) @515:a7eeb8af6b34   17 years Alpar Juttner To be compatible with gcc-3.4.0 …
(edit) @514:fd991a24c857   17 years athos An awful mistake found and corrected.
(edit) @513:60afd11e6cb3   17 years athos xy_test added: it was not entirely useless, I found a mistake in xy.h
(edit) @512:d5fe2f3f95fc   17 years marci bip matching…
(edit) @511:325c9430723e   17 years athos getPath() function implemented.
(edit) @510:72143568cadc   17 years marci matching, flows
(edit) @508:95f8f7171bae   17 years Alpar Juttner docfix.
(edit) @505:8589c0658839   17 years athos I changed it to correspond changing requirements
(edit) @504:6ef30329dd50   17 years Alpar Juttner One more test case with minor importance.
(edit) @503:769f31e9f7b0   17 years Alpar Juttner test/ added. It discovered several bugs and warnings in …
(edit) @502:1b41ebb5fee5   17 years marci static const bool BipartiteGraphWrapper?<Graph>::S_CLASS, T_CLASS
(edit) @501:20e4941a354a   17 years marci bipatite
(edit) @500:1a45623b4796   17 years marci misc
(edit) @499:767f3da8ce0e   17 years marci A bipartite graph template can be used as BipartiteGraph?<ListGraph?>.
(edit) @498:eb8bfa683d92   17 years marci bipartite graphs
(edit) @497:500456d50d21   17 years marci bipartite graph in bipartite_graph_wrapper.h
(edit) @496:7c463a7635d4   17 years marci gw
(edit) @495:6114a8ab5d27   17 years marci
(edit) @494:e42f56e7ad93   17 years jacint Felkesz kod!
(edit) @493:bbd1db03f0fe   17 years Mihaly Barasz DirPath? fejlodes. Kiserleti struktura a forditasi idoben kapcsolhato …
(edit) @492:d649b43e2dc0   17 years Mihaly Barasz spell checking
(edit) @491:4804c967543d   17 years Mihaly Barasz ingroup bug
(edit) @490:ceb56ff9d07f   17 years Mihaly Barasz The -W gcc option _does_ matter even if you use -Wall! Minor changes.
(edit) @489:afbdf8a3a633   17 years Mihaly Barasz Basic error handling facilities (and possibly a g++-3.4.0 bug)
(edit) @488:32c3548ecc2a   17 years marci misc
(edit) @487:11ad69691d18   17 years marci some documentation
(edit) @486:8ebe33191347   17 years marci TODO
(edit) @485:7f461ab4af1a   17 years marci Some docu in MaxFlow? class, jacint/max_flow.h
(edit) @483:ce29ae5b2e1b   17 years beckerjc UnionFind? moved to include. Test compiles and runs cleanly. * …
(edit) @482:dce64ce044d6   17 years marci corrections for leda matching files
(edit) @481:54d8feda437b   17 years beckerjc Three new methods in UnionFindEnum?. UnionFindEnum? completed.
(edit) @480:4fb0d1e166ea   17 years marci corrections
(edit) @478:8c74de352f80   17 years marci preflow.f -> max_flow.h
(edit) @477:02b8ddcb207a   17 years Alpar Juttner doc
(edit) @476:cfe550761745   17 years marci preflow, maxflow
(edit) @475:5fa75db9ebb4   17 years marci edmonds_karp_demo->max_flow_demo
(edit) @474:229a16b5fd0f   17 years marci edmonds_karp
(edit) @473:2cef25dcde3f   17 years marci ledagraph
(edit) @472:052af4060f3e   17 years marci preflow, maxflow
(edit) @471:a40985a922d0   17 years marci misc
(edit) @470:b64956c701c9   18 years jacint Comparison == changed to <=
(edit) @469:5f6ea657b75d   18 years marci const-ok
(edit) @468:3a2cb784750a   18 years marci nem irunk olyat hogy "void resetTarget(const Node _t) {t=_t;}" mert az …
(edit) @467:8cab0547eeae   18 years marci preflow maxflow …
(edit) @466:cd40ecf4d2a9   18 years marci preflow, maxflow comp
(edit) @465:d72e56f1730d   18 years marci mods implied by preflow mods
(edit) @464:7932f53d413d   18 years Alpar Juttner It breaks my heart to say them goodbye…
(edit) @463:7f3ef3009dd3   18 years Alpar Juttner doc
(edit) @462:0ab31578af67   18 years beckerjc Doc for the union-find structures.
(edit) @461:a11ddf8a6614   18 years marci bug ellen
(edit) @460:e4d291344277   18 years marci test makefile hiba
(edit) @459:68e6873f421a   18 years marci dijstra const ref, misc
(edit) @458:2df1fee6c866   18 years Alpar Juttner Docs.
(edit) @457:8fbd472b1a22   18 years Alpar Juttner \author's added
(edit) @456:02c28d3cf97b   18 years Alpar Juttner Doxygen options changed. \author's added.
(edit) @455:14a1d11ddf21   18 years marci for checking bipartiteness
(edit) @454:0cd33e3e60cb   18 years marci makefile: nem veletlenul commit-oltam
(edit) @453:f6731902c702   18 years jacint
(edit) @452:6636be9bc35e   18 years jacint
(edit) @451:6b36be4cffa4   18 years jacint Changes in the interface and new test program added.
(edit) @450:5caac2f7829b   18 years Mihaly Barasz trifles
(edit) @449:c30569f54936   18 years jacint debug
(edit) @448:510c53fd06cd   18 years marci bfs, dfs, bfsiterator, dfsiterator for alpar's sake of being much more …
(edit) @447:9c997ebe4aff   18 years marci misc
(edit) @446:77ef5c7a57d9   18 years marci comparison for matchings with leda
(edit) @445:6fe0d7d70674   18 years Mihaly Barasz Egy helyes (warning nelkuli) megvalositasa az operator<< -nek az …
(edit) @444:618c5d6f36b9   18 years jacint debug
(edit) @443:178fb74b22d1   18 years Mihaly Barasz * list_graph.h: - node_item and edge_item are structs and not …
(edit) @442:267dfa567ad3   18 years Mihaly Barasz oops
(edit) @441:bb61e80e8aa1   18 years marci makefile improvement in work/jacint
(edit) @440:f92099d27236   18 years Alpar Juttner doc trimming.
(edit) @439:748791b4bd10   18 years marci makefile
(edit) @438:a0a2709cf178   18 years Alpar Juttner The long description is now the description of the module.
(edit) @437:9853b743d830   18 years jacint Testing preprocess.
(edit) @436:6d632cb56ea3   18 years marci gcc-3.4.0
(edit) @435:8f1dece01cc4   18 years marci misc
(edit) @434:1ce1b4cd8dd5   18 years Alpar Juttner Some more docs. DirPath::Builder::setFist() added. (It is empty.)
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