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(edit) @962:1a770e9f80b2   20 years Mihaly Barasz Undirect graph implementation. Not yet done, untested.
(edit) @961:289d80c33f04   20 years Mihaly Barasz * Somewhat less redundant and a bit more correct graph concepts. * …
(edit) @960:908a1a6f0752   20 years Akos Ladanyi Renamed to
(edit) @959:c80ef5912903   20 years Mihaly Barasz skeleton(s) -> concept renaming
(edit) @958:75f749682240   20 years Akos Ladanyi Updated because of the recent changes in simann.h.
(edit) @957:4dd4eaee28e7   20 years Akos Ladanyi Now the controller asks SimAnnBase? for the various costs.
(edit) @956:0ff924405d21   20 years Akos Ladanyi Added the SimpleController? class, and removed the first version of …
(edit) @955:0a066f80e05f   20 years Alpar Juttner Improve docs.
(edit) @954:5b1ffef43d4c   20 years Alpar Juttner Improved docs.
(edit) @953:d9c115e2eeaf   20 years Alpar Juttner - Named parameters and traits for Dijkstra (in …
(edit) @952:fa65d57f1930   20 years Alpar Juttner Traits + Named Parameters version
(edit) @951:0f1fe84ff36c   20 years Alpar Juttner - SmallGraph? is also a class instead of being a typedef. (For the …
(edit) @950:d74557d1f100   20 years Alpar Juttner - Changes in doc (spell check). - SmallGraph? is a class instead of …
(edit) @949:b16a10926781   20 years Alpar Juttner ListGraph? compilation bug fixed.
(edit) @948:bc86b64f958e   20 years Alpar Juttner - moveHead() and moveTail() added. Not tested.
(edit) @947:93e9c45703ea   20 years Alpar Juttner A new doxygen group added for graph utilities.
(edit) @946:c94ef40a22ce   20 years Mihaly Barasz The graph_factory branch (@ 1321) has been merged to trunk.
(edit) @945:f2ea4aac9ada   20 years Alpar Juttner Modify to compile with ++-style iterators.
(edit) @944:4f064aff855e   20 years marci It's time to design an iterable generic bfs
(edit) @943:cb0ac054ea92   20 years beckerjc Bugfix. (removed forgotten "using namespace std")
(edit) @942:75fdd0c6866d   20 years Akos Ladanyi Naming and coding style fixes and various other changes.
(edit) @941:186aa53d2802   20 years marci Suurballe and MinCostFlow? classes are now able to increase the flow 1 …
(edit) @940:50a153b08f07   20 years marci Coding style.
(edit) @939:1559584ca634   20 years Alpar Juttner - Change version 0.2 -> 0.3 - Doxyfile change for right #include< >'s …
(edit) @938:70e2886211d5   20 years Alpar Juttner Many of ckeckCompileXYZ()'s are now in the corresponding skeleton …
(edit) @937:d4e911acef3d   20 years Balazs Dezso Revert backport changes -r1230.
(edit) @936:60a96465dc49   20 years Mihaly Barasz Some old comments
(edit) @934:003736604835   20 years Akos Ladanyi Added 'src/demo/'.
(edit) @933:1b7c88fbb950   20 years marci NodeSubGraphWrapper?, test, and ducumentation modifications.
(edit) @932:ade3cdb9b45d   20 years marci New EdgeSubGraphWrapper? class specializing SubGraphWrapper? in the way …
(edit) @931:9227ecd7b0bc   20 years marci SubGraphWrapper? code example, converter from dimacs to graphviz dot …
(edit) @930:e89f3bd26fd4   20 years marci documentation os SubGraphWrapper? with code example.
(edit) @929:882790531532   20 years marci mv after 0.2
(edit) @923:acbef5dd0e65   20 years marci more docs
(edit) @922:e816fac59f6d   20 years Mihaly Barasz hugo -> lemon renaming leftovers
(edit) @921:818510fa3d99   20 years Alpar Juttner hugo -> lemon
(edit) @920:2d6c8075d9d0   20 years jacint some changes in the doc to make things clearer
(edit) @919:6153d9cf78c6   20 years Alpar Juttner - Backport -r1227 and -r1220 - Temporarily remove (move to attic) …
(edit) @918:bb77eaa8fa0e   20 years Akos Ladanyi Initial revision.
(edit) @917:ffb8f0cbcb57   20 years marci merge_node_graph_wrapper::nodemap
(edit) @916:c0734a8c282c   20 years Balazs Dezso Fix InEdgeIt? and OutEdgeIt? in the symmetric graphs.
(edit) @915:751ed145bdae   20 years marci beginning of a modular, generic merge_graph_wrapper…
(edit) @914:174490f545f8   20 years Mihaly Barasz Bugfix. (unionfind segfaulted when compiled with icc)
(edit) @911:89a4fbb99cad   20 years Alpar Juttner Fix many doxygen command bugs.
(edit) @910:5a89cacf17f1   20 years marci minor corrections
(edit) @909:6a22e0dfd453   20 years Balazs Dezso New symmetric Graph concept. New symmetric list and smart graph. …
(edit) @907:df8472ab5d4a   20 years Alpar Juttner I forgot to apply for i in ls *.h; do rpl template.h $i $i; done in …
(edit) @906:17f31d280385   20 years Alpar Juttner Copyright header added.
(edit) @905:5be029d19c98   20 years Alpar Juttner Some code cleaning in id related stuffs
(edit) @904:b40afcf42a4d   20 years Alpar Juttner Do not document registry and map defines.
(edit) @903:2e664d4969d7   20 years Alpar Juttner Some commenticide was applied.
(edit) @902:309d81806228   20 years marci correction to 0.2
(edit) @901:69a8e672acb1   20 years marci correction of HUGO_... preproc defines.
(edit) @900:fc7bc2dacee5   20 years Alpar Juttner 'iff' changed to 'if and only if'
(edit) @899:f485b3008cf5   20 years Alpar Juttner Classes (and corresponting file names) renamed: - MinLengthPaths? -> …
(edit) @898:c46cfb2651ec   20 years Alpar Juttner Oops. I forgot to commit this at -r1204.
(edit) @897:ef09eee53b09   20 years Balazs Dezso The default constructors are removed from the maps. The ArrayMap? is …
(edit) @896:3a98a1aa5a8f   20 years Alpar Juttner - mincostflows.h renamed to min_cost_flows.h - minlengthpaths.h …
(edit) @895:b5dee93d7abd   20 years Alpar Juttner Minor correction to (preflow_graph.inp -> preflow_graph.dim)
(edit) @894:68a18cd0505c   20 years marci todo for real comparison
(edit) @893:89d5c283a485   20 years marci Dox readable more even.
(edit) @892:004636791dd7   20 years marci graph_wrappers now pass the tests.
(edit) @891:74589d20dbc3   20 years Balazs Dezso template<typename CMap> Map(const CMap&) like constructors and assigns …
(edit) @890:3a48bc350e0f   20 years marci Specialized ConstMap? for defining constant maps at compile time, by …
(edit) @888:cc3590763f7f   20 years marci
(edit) @887:ec6a528dafd2   20 years jacint new test graph
(edit) @886:23bcaa25c255   20 years jacint
(edit) @885:5e59c44b6ba2   20 years Mihaly Barasz Kruskal cleanup: - resolved the NonConstMapWr? bug - docs added for …
(edit) @884:b06bfaaca48c   20 years Mihaly Barasz Somebody forgot to remove these.
(edit) @883:4af619b64d98   20 years Alpar Juttner Put away debug.h and error.h temporarily.
(edit) @881:a9f19f38970b   20 years Alpar Juttner Right (but still too short) documentation of the namespaces.
(edit) @880:9d0bfd35b97c   20 years Alpar Juttner - Name changing: XYZGraphSkeleton -> XYZGraph - Fix some bad \ref's in …
(edit) @879:5e284075b193   20 years Alpar Juttner An alert added to doc.
(edit) @878:86b42ec55f3e   20 years Alpar Juttner Graph wrapper tests added.
(edit) @877:66dd225ca128   20 years Balazs Dezso Fix maps in the GraphWrappers?.
(edit) @876:26c573ca6a99   20 years Alpar Juttner Go back to -r1169 in order to be able to compile
(edit) @874:2195bc090dfe   20 years Alpar Juttner Document the file itself.
(edit) @873:f3a30fda2e49   20 years Alpar Juttner - GraphSkeleton? renamed to ExtendableGraphSkeleton? - Use full explicit …
(edit) @871:88e20db54102   20 years marci
(edit) @870:9bde6cd8e3da   20 years marci
(edit) @869:c19cf2007a7a   20 years marci more docs
(edit) @868:805963ea8654   20 years marci This is needed for the demo.
(edit) @867:f3cc65f9fb6b   20 years marci Demo file for SubGraphWrapper?<Graph>. Documentation will be added …
(edit) @866:7477e00f1a64   20 years marci
(edit) @865:2f3f87afb1d2   20 years marci Sorry, the name chosen was a mistake.
(edit) @864:04cebb6c988f   20 years marci
(edit) @863:d27bbe17b0b8   20 years marci An edge-map which shows the tight edges w.r.t a potential and an …
(edit) @862:732f2acb7239   20 years marci bug correction
(edit) @861:021e513a2d83   20 years marci bug correction in SubGraphWrapper?<Graph>::NodeIt::NodeIt?(...)
(edit) @860:3577b3db6089   20 years athos Completed documentation for mincostflows and minlengthpaths.
(edit) @859:2570784896d8   20 years Mihaly Barasz Forgotten std:: Apropos, why does it compile without it?
(edit) @858:acc83957ee4a   20 years Mihaly Barasz Handling strings with std::string Do not segfault if srcdir env. …
(edit) @857:4e948fd205f7   20 years jacint docs changes
(edit) @856:e9d73b8e3ab6   20 years Alpar Juttner - Modifications to compile with icc. - Remove some comments.
(edit) @855:8c44b64dd436   20 years Alpar Juttner Better handling of the input files of the tests.
(edit) @854:baf0b6e40211   20 years marci correction of SubGraphWrapper? bug.
(edit) @853:4cb8f31c1ff8   20 years Alpar Juttner Change the name of a template parameter.
(edit) @852:d50d89b86870   20 years Alpar Juttner Remove obsolete features.
(edit) @851:209c9d53e195   20 years Alpar Juttner Changes in doc.
(edit) @850:54d3c1599d08   20 years marci
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