COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

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(edit) @951:ee581a0ecfbf   8 years Alpar Juttner Make CBC interface compatible with latest CBC releases CBC now uses …
(edit) @950:1818cc848005   8 years Alpar Juttner Update CPLEX lookup - References to explicit CPLEX version 9.1 have …
(edit) @920:0dba9b96550a   8 years Alpar Juttner Do not look for COIN_VOL libraries
(edit) @919:1f1328691a07   9 years Alpar Juttner Also search for coin libs under ${COIN_ROOT_DIR}/lib/coin (#419)
(edit) @678:d1e1cd94bf49   10 years Akos Ladanyi Put the version string into config.h Also make it possible to set the …
(edit) @675:c5dc4d3124aa   10 years Akos Ladanyi Generate and install LEMONConfig.cmake
(edit) @638:57e6f560fb13   11 years Akos Ladanyi Check the version number in FindGLPK (#277)
(edit) @637:4faa0c763906   11 years Akos Ladanyi Add GLPK_ROOT_DIR variable to FindGLPK (#277)
(edit) @636:6dc44006c1a8   11 years Akos Ladanyi Link libm and libpthread if using CPLEX (#277)
(edit) @635:89705c452130   11 years Akos Ladanyi Add CPLEX_ROOT_DIR variable to FindCPLEX (#277)
(edit) @634:4629e096e3af   11 years Akos Ladanyi Look for COIN libraries with and without the lib prefix too (#277) …
(edit) @627:20dac2104519   11 years Akos Ladanyi Merge and extend the fix of #275
(edit) @621:b536eaacb39b   11 years Akos Ladanyi FindCOIN for CMake (#256)
(edit) @620:c3ce597c11ae   11 years Akos Ladanyi FindCPLEX for CMake (#256)
(edit) @619:ec817dfc2cb7   11 years Akos Ladanyi FindGLPK improvements (#256)
(edit) @489:97070bd10b98   11 years Alpar Juttner CMAKE config improvements - install docs in share/doc/ - look for …
(edit) @478:64c2641286df   11 years Alpar Juttner Set the proper version for CMAKE in the tarballs (made by autotools).
(edit) @476:f9a879c9787c   11 years Akos Ladanyi Update the lemon icon
(edit) @473:17d918051964   11 years Akos Ladanyi Build GLPK dependent parts with CMake too
(add) @225:c5a40fc54f1a   11 years Alpar Juttner CMake improvements. - documentation generation with Doxygen - …
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