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(edit) @695:8dae88c5943e   12 years Alpar Juttner Merge
(edit) @694:71939d63ae77   12 years Peter Kovacs Improvements for iterable maps (#73)
(edit) @693:7bda7860e0a8   12 years Balazs Dezso Port iterable maps from SVN 3509 (#73)
(edit) @684:7b1a6e963018   12 years Peter Kovacs Fix the implementation and doc of CrossRefMap? (#302) - Handle …
(edit) @507:e6ae4999cf22   13 years Alpar Juttner Suppress or fix VS2008 warnings + turn off faulty tests using CMAKE (#208)
(edit) @440:88ed40ad0d4f   13 years Alpar Juttner Happy New Year again - update the copyright headers + run the source …
(edit) @210:81cfc04531e8   13 years Alpar Juttner Remove long lines (from all but one file)
(edit) @209:765619b7cbb2   13 years Alpar Juttner Apply to the source tree
(edit) @167:d57ae6f0a335   13 years Peter Kovacs Rename StoreBoolMap? to LoggerBoolMap? (ticket #34).
(edit) @159:c7d30f7810e5   13 years Peter Kovacs Change the implementation of StoreBoolMap? + improve doc (ticket #36)
(edit) @136:b82dc494bafc   13 years Balazs Dezso Icc compatibility fixes (ticket #84)
(edit) @123:8899d1891a3c   13 years Peter Kovacs Small improvements in maps.h - Add a new version of constMap() …
(edit) @94:a4688e4138ec   14 years Peter Kovacs Fixes in the map concepts - Now Value type needn't be default …
(edit) @82:bce6c8f93d10   14 years Peter Kovacs Add basic logical maps and doc improvements - Add the following new …
(edit) @80:15968e25ca08   14 years Peter Kovacs Overall clean-up in maps.h - Rename some map types: * IntegerMap?
(edit) @39:0a01d811071f   14 years Alpar Juttner Happy New Year (update the copyright headers)
(add) @25:751cd8f9bb1c   14 years Alpar Juttner Port general map related stuff from svn -r3424 + minor changes - Do …
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