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#7 fixed icc 8.0 bug with ConstMap Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

icc v8.0 has a bug with a kind of template specialization that is needed for ConstMap. It have to be work-arounded some way if we want to support icc-8.0

This ticket is a copy of report #25 of the old bug tracking system. It refers to an unknown svn version. The original report was posted by Mihaly Barasz.

#18 fixed non-template functions in grid_ugraph.h Alpar Juttner Mihaly Barasz

In grid_ugraph.h there are some global functions defined at the end (indexMap(), rowMap() and colMap()). These are not template functions, so they should only be declared there and defined in their own .cc file. Otherwise the linker would give an error if this header is included in multiple files (which are to be linked in one binary).

#20 fixed random.h fails to compile on Cygwin Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

lemon/random.h fails to compile on Cygwin, because #include<cmath> doesn't define M_E.

This bug appears in [1113f6d12c0c] and also in svn trunk -r3441. In svn trunk similar bugs also appear at other places due to the missing M_X constants.

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