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#612 fixed Windows compile issue due to macros IN and OUT Alpar Juttner Peter Kovacs

Reported by Szabolcs Horvát on the lemon-user mailing list:

The following problem caused me a lot of frustration, so I thought I'd share the solution with the rest of you.

I had some working LEMON-based code that I wrote on OS X, but then couldn't compile on Windows due to a few mysterious errors that seemed to come from the LEMON headers and not my own code.

The problem turned out to be that I was using LEMON in conjunction with a C library, which in turn includes <windows.h> on Windows (obviously not on OS X), which in turn defines the macros IN and OUT. LEMON uses these same names as template parameters, hence the errors.

A simple #undef IN #undef OUT before including any LEMON headers will fix the problem. Doing this appears to be completely safe (perhaps LEMON could do it by default):


#611 fixed Planar drawing algorithm requires at least 3 nodes Balazs Dezso Balazs Dezso

Planar drawing algorithm fails if it called with less than 3 nodes

#610 fixed PlanarDrawing::run() is incompatible with the PlanarEmbedding algorithm Alpar Juttner Balazs Dezso
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