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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#387 unionfind.h should be union_find.h Alpar Juttner defect major LEMON 1.3 release core
#396 prefer intialization lists over assignments in constructors Alpar Juttner enhancement minor LEMON 1.4 release core
#145 Support SunCC compiler Alpar Juttner task major core
#164 Random::normal() as an alternative for Random::gauss() Peter Kovacs enhancement major LEMON 1.1 release core
#81 Port demo files Peter Kovacs task major LEMON 1.1 release other
#41 No notification if a file is attached to a ticket Akos Ladanyi defect major LEMON 1.0 release web page
#158 NULL vs. 0 Peter Kovacs enhancement minor LEMON 1.0 release core
#242 LP related warnings Balazs Dezso defect major LEMON 1.1 release core
#75 Generated EPS files do not follow the Postscript DSC Alpar Juttner defect minor core
#601 Code examples are ugly with Doxygen 1.8.5 Peter Kovacs defect major LEMON 1.4 release documentation
#198 Building only the tutorial requires LEMON to be installed Alpar Juttner enhancement minor documentation
#106 Better 'epsilon' for graphToEps() Alpar Juttner defect minor core
#272 Backport #268 related bugfix to LEMON-1.0 Alpar Juttner defect major core
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