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Different compilation flags using CMAKE vs. Autotools — at Initial Version

Reported by: Alpar Juttner Owned by: Alpar Juttner
Priority: major Milestone: LEMON 1.3 release
Component: build system Version: hg main
Keywords: Cc:
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  • Autotool uses -g -O2 + a huge set of warning flags by default.
  • Using [sources:scripts/ scripts/], we have a choice to optimize or not (-O2 vs. nothing). This script uses -ggdb instead of -g (not a big diffenerce) and the same warning options.
  • The CMAKE environment uses
    • no warning flags at all!!!
    • one of the following debug/optimization settings
      • -g (DEBUG mode),
      • -Os -DNDEBUG (MINRELSIZE mode),
      • -O2 -g (RELWITHDEBINFO mode), or
      • -O3 -DNDEBUG (RELEASE mode)

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