COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library



19:55 Ticket #316 (More info on setting compiler flags) closed by Alpar Juttner
fixed: Replying to ladanyi: > Attached a new patch which removes …
17:55 Changeset in lemon, lemon-1.2 [890:974c48bda29e] by Akos Ladanyi <ladanyi@…>
Add more information on Makefile variables (#316)
13:24 NetOpt created by Alpar Juttner
12:55 LocalSite edited by Alpar Juttner
10:02 Changeset in lemon, lemon-1.0, lemon-1.1, lemon-1.2 [906:f58e01094738] by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Fix the date field comment of graphToEps() output (#336)
09:07 Ticket #340 (New heuristics in MCF algorithms) created by Peter Kovacs
The attached patch contains implementation improvements and new …
07:51 Ticket #335 (Bug in ExtendFindEnum::clear) closed by Peter Kovacs
fixed: [28c7ad6f8d91] has been merged to the main branch.
07:40 Changeset in lemon, lemon-1.2 [896:5fd7fafc4470] by Peter Kovacs <kpeter@…>
Doc improvements for planarity related tools (#62)
07:39 Changeset in lemon, lemon-1.2 [895:8131c2b9f59a] by Peter Kovacs <kpeter@…>
Port planar image from SVN -r3524 (#62)
05:58 Ticket #339 (Unify sources before release) created by Peter Kovacs
We should run scripts/unfiy_sources -a before the release, and the …


19:05 Changeset in lemon, lemon-1.2 [898:75c97c3786d6] by Peter Kovacs <kpeter@…>
Handle graph changes in the MCF algorithms (#327) The reset() …
09:56 Ticket #319 (Infinite capacities in Preflow) closed by Alpar Juttner
done: Replying to kpeter: > The attached patch [a7e93de12cbd]


23:29 Changeset in lemon, lemon-1.2 [889:a7e93de12cbd] by Peter Kovacs <kpeter@…>
Add a warning about huge capacities in Preflow (#319)
23:28 Ticket #338 (Infinite capacities in Preflow) created by Peter Kovacs
Infinite (or very high) capacities typically cause problems in …


13:55 Ticket #320 (Map utilities) closed by Peter Kovacs
12:57 Ticket #337 (LEMON doen't compile with glpk-4.42) created by Alpar Juttner
The title says everything. Here is the related part of the build …


13:19 Ticket #336 (graphToEps() generates bad .eps header) created by Alpar Juttner
The .eps header generated by 'graphToEps()' contains an empty …
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