COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library



22:02 Changeset in lemon [993:e74b5db4f2c6] by Akos Ladanyi <ladanyi@…>
Put the output of in the version string (#389)
21:34 Changeset in lemon, lemon-1.1, lemon-1.2 [1033:16d466589b54] by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Backport the CMAKE related changesets from the main branch …
21:34 Changeset in lemon [992:e20fecd1945f] by Akos Ladanyi <ladanyi@…>
Add check target for CMake (#388)


23:54 Changeset in lemon [990:dca9eed2c375] by Peter Kovacs <kpeter@…>
Improve the tree update process and a pivot rule (#391) and make some …
17:38 Ticket #391 (NetworkSimplex improvements) created by Peter Kovacs


14:22 Ticket #390 (Different compilation flags using CMAKE vs. Autotools) created by Alpar Juttner
- Autotool uses -g -O2 + a huge set of warning flags by default. - …


18:28 Ticket #389 (version tag set by CMAKE is less fancy than the automake setting) created by Alpar Juttner
Using the automake build environment the version tag is something like …


07:38 Ticket #388 (Can't build without compiling the tests using CMAKE) created by Alpar Juttner
Using CMAKE, I see no way to switch of the compilations of the test …


13:43 Ticket #387 (unionfind.h should be union_find.h) created by Peter Kovacs
unionfind.h should be union_find.h according to our naming conventions.
09:53 Ticket #386 (Heuristic algorithms for symmetric TSP) created by Peter Kovacs


21:09 Documentation edited by Peter Kovacs


14:32 Temak edited by Peter Kovacs
14:31 Negatív körök keresése created by Peter Kovacs
13:50 Stabil házasítás created by Peter Kovacs
13:39 Gráfizomorfizmus, részgráfizomorfizmus created by Peter Kovacs


23:33 Ticket #385 (QuadHeap instead of BinHeap in Dijkstra) created by Peter Kovacs
It is questionable whether Dijkstra should use QuadHeap instead of …
23:12 Ticket #384 (Adaptor class for complementary graph) created by Peter Kovacs
It would be nice to have an adaptor class to obtain the complementary …
21:32 Ticket #383 (List of important tasks in the documentation) created by Peter Kovacs
What about adding a page to the library doc that contains a short list …
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