COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library



11:21 netea.pdf attached to NetOpt by Alpar Juttner


00:30 Ticket #402 (Maps don't initialize subseqnetly added graph elements to the ...) created by Charles Wilcox
Greetings all. I'm experiencing a ( perceived ) problem with Maps. …


13:09 Changeset in glpk-cmake [1:c445c931472f] by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Import glpk-4.45 - Generated files and doc/notes are removed


17:35 Changeset in glpk-cmake [2:4c8956a7bdf4]defaulttip by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Set up CMAKE build environment


16:21 Changeset in glpk-cmake [0:d59bea55db9b] by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Add .hgignore
13:32 Ticket #401 (Contrib dir) created by Alpar Juttner
Probably the easiest way of using LEMON without a system-wide install …
13:26 Changeset in lemon [1031:06491fd08efd] by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Add contrib dir (#401)


12:22 HowToCompile edited by Alpar Juttner
12:19 HowToCompile edited by Peter Kovacs
10:12 Documentation edited by Alpar Juttner
10:12 HowToCompile created by Alpar Juttner
09:09 InstallGuide edited by Alpar Juttner


20:21 Changeset in lemon [1224:92a884824429] by Antal Nemes <thoneyvazul@…>
Port Edmonds-Karp algorithm from svn -r3524 (#177)


19:23 Changeset in lemon-benchmark [6:a3ef33a8694a] by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Add netgen generator
17:59 Changeset in lemon-benchmark, lemon-project-template, lemon-project-template-glpk [5:723af8fef529] by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Configurable LEMON source dir location (when used as a subproject)


19:12 Development edited by Mohammed El-Kebir


18:19 InstallAutotool edited by Alpar Juttner
06:33 Ticket #400 (MPL LpSolver/MipSolver backend) created by Alpar Juttner
The idea is to write an LP/MIP interface that is able to build up the …


16:57 Ticket #399 (Missing getter and streaming operator for Node/Arc id) created by tobi_connect
please implement a getter and streaming operator for the id field of …
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