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15:20 Ticket #452 (time_measure.h uses obsolete headears) created by Alpar Juttner
time_measure.h includes …


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11:24 Ticket #450 (Serious bug in ListDigraph::erase(Node &)) closed by Alpar Juttner
invalid: So, it is a false alert, it is the DigraphExtender which removes the …
07:38 Ticket #443 (Doc is fully broken with Doxygen 1.8) closed by Alpar Juttner
fixed: This issue was basically a bug in Doxygen 1.8, which is fixed in …
07:35 Ticket #441 (LpBase::clear() bug) closed by Alpar Juttner
07:34 Ticket #444 (Strange bug in ListPath<>) closed by Alpar Juttner
fixed: The issue has been fixed in [7440937d154b] and merged to all relevant …
06:58 Ticket #451 (Functionality to test graph data structure consistency) created by Alpar Juttner
The graph implementations (and other complex data structures, too) …
06:46 Ticket #450 (Serious bug in ListDigraph::erase(Node &)) created by Alpar Juttner
It looks like [source:lemon/list_graph.h@141f9c0db4a3#L223
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