COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library



09:28 Ticket #466 (Extended std::vector<>) created by Alpar Juttner
Based upon the idea of #462. We could implement a wrapper around …


21:23 InstallLinux created by Alpar Juttner
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21:13 InstallGuide edited by Alpar Juttner


13:41 Documentation edited by Alpar Juttner
Updates (diff)
13:33 Documentation edited by Alpar Juttner


11:55 Ticket #465 (Better CMAKE config for the LP tools) created by Alpar Juttner
The following two CMAKE config settings would especially nice when …


01:17 Ticket #464 (Update the installation guide for LEMON 1.3) created by Peter Kovacs
The current installation guide should be updated with …
01:01 Ticket #463 (Unify the usage of e and m in the doc) created by Peter Kovacs
Some parts of the doc denote the number of arcs (or edges) of a graph …


10:17 Ticket #462 (Extended run time checking in debug mode) created by Alpar Juttner
When using more graph instances of the same time (e.g. ListDigraph) …
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