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17:50 Ticket #604 (Faster MaxMatching implementation) closed by Alpar Juttner


20:13 Ticket #250 (Extensions for the interface of paths) closed by Alpar Juttner
done: [ba6afb21b6fd] and [ac89b1685fbc] have been rebased as [1f4f01870c1e]
20:11 Ticket #377 (Smaller version of StaticDigraph) closed by Alpar Juttner
done: The patch compact_graph.patch has been rebased as …
20:09 Ticket #32 (Storing Arcs instead of OutArcIts in Dfs stack) closed by Alpar Juttner
done: [d5bf497757ff] has been rebased as [15282595e6f4] and push to the main …
20:07 Ticket #615 (Compilation warnings (unused local typedefs)) closed by Alpar Juttner
fixed: [f179aa1045a4] has been merged to both branches 1.3 and main.
19:49 Changeset in lemon [1422:332eab7995fe]1.3 by Alpar Juttner <alpar@…>
Merge #615 to branch 1.3
11:27 Changeset in lemon [1416:f179aa1045a4] by Peter Kovacs <kpeter@…>
Suppress unused typdef warnings (#615)
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