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    6060 - Unfortunately Trac do not send notification on new attachments, thus please also write a separate short comment referring (see below) the changeset.
    6161 - When referring to a patch in the ticket, please use the hash-id instead of the file-name. (In the usual way, like [8ceb318224b1]). If you do so, it will be immediately visible whether or not the changeset you are talking about is already in the main branch.
     63== Fix a bug ==
     65If you are about to fix a bug affecting more branches, you must place your changeset(s) on the top of the latest common ancestor of the branches. For example if you want to fix a bug existing in both the 1.0 release branch and the main one, you should do the following:
     67$ hg clone bugfix
     68$ cd bugfix
     69$ cd hg up default   <-- Actually, This is not necessary
     70[... fix the bug ... ]
     71$ hg ci -m 'Bugfix in BuggyTool, see #123'
     73Now merge it to the 1.0 branch
     75$ hg tag -l my-fix       # '-l' is important
     76$ hg up -C 1.0
     77$ hg merge my-fix
     78[... do some tests (e.g. make check) ...]
     79$ hg ci -m 'Merge bugfix for #123'           # Merge to 1.0
     81Finally, merge it to the main branch
     83$ hg pull
     84$ hg up -C default
     85$ hg merge my-fix
     86[... do some tests (e.g. make check) ...]
     87$ hg ci -m 'Merge'                             # Merge is to main