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    99 - At each point, changes should be "clean", i.e. to be self-contained, and not include any changesets that were false starts.
    1010   - If you are working on a more substantial new feature or improvement, you probably want to commit frequently in order to make it possible the revert the changes that turn to be a bad idea later. Feel free to do that, but before you share your changes with others, you should clean your repository by removing the unwanted commits and concatenating those actually belong together. Here is a nice description how to do that:
    11  - When you add a new algorithm or data structure 
     11 - When you add a new algorithm or data structure:
    1212   - Take the hassle to write a complete doxygen documentation as well.
    1313   - Place the documentation into an appropriate doxygen module.
    1414   - Also provide an exhaustive test case, whenever it makes sense.
     15 - When you port files from the SVN repository:
     16   1. Run the '''{{{scripts/rename-graphs}}}''' script for all the files you would like to port.
     17   2. Check the renamings (e.g. {{{source()}}} and {{{target()}}} should be manually renamed to {{{u()}}} and {{{v()}}} for undirected graphs).
     18   3. Also port the related test files, if there are any.
     19     - Run the rename script for the test files, too.
     20     - Print something to the output only if it really seems necessary. Do not print a message saying ''all test passed'' at the end of the output. (See #25 for details.)
     21   4. Add all necessary files to the repository.
     22   5. Check the documentation comments in the source codes.
     23     - Use {{{\tparam}}} commands for template parameter documentation. (See #29 for details.)
     24     - Remove {{{\author}}} commands. (See #39 for details.)
     25     - Check the usage of Lemon/LEMON. (See #103 for details.)
     26   5. Make sure that '''{{{make check}}}''' and '''{{{make distcheck}}}''' passes without any compilation warning.
     27   6. Run '''{{{make html}}}''' and check the generated documentation of the new tools.
    1630== Commit Metainfo ==