COIN-OR::LEMON - Graph Library

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LEMON Contributions

Contribution Projects

These projects are unofficial contributions for LEMON. Most of them are unmaintained.

Various benchmark programs and results for LEMON 1.x.
Note: a new benchmark framework is also proposed, see #33.

Bidirectional Dijkstra, A*, and bidirectional A* algorithms for LEMON (by Tamas Bibok).

AVL and Red-Black Tree implementations for LEMON (by Zsolt Dollenstein).

Unsplittable Multicommodity Flow Algorithms for LEMON 0.x (by Zoltan Bojas).

KDE Graph Widget and Application for LEMON 1.x.

A Perl language binding for LEMON 0.x.

Routing algorithms in telecommunication networks based on LEMON 0.x.

A graph library for C#, inspired by LEMON.

Other Contributions

The following tickets contain implementations of various extensions for LEMON, which have not been merged to the main development branch yet.