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    11= GSoC 2010 =
    3 = Introduction =
     3== Introduction ==
    55'''LEMON''' stands for '''L'''ibrary for '''E'''fficient '''M'''odeling and '''O'''ptimization in '''N'''etworks.
    1010The project was launched by the [ Egerváry Research Group on Combinatorial Optimization (EGRES)] at the Operations Research Department of the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest in 2003. Up to this point, the developers of the library work at the [ Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest] and at the [ Budapest University of Technology and Economics].
    12 = Application Template =
     12== Application Template ==
    14 = Project Ideas =
     14== Project Ideas ==
     16=== PyLemon Module ===
     17==== Background ====
     19LEMON was written in C++ language, because this is tho only widely used programming language nowadays, which gives us opportunity for optimizing run time and memory usage of complex data-structures and algorithms. However C++ is a rather complex language which require deep knowledge of programming, and it's usage is many times complicated. The implementation of a task can be much simpler in some modern (usually interpreted and dynamically linked) languages. Python is a prominent member of these languages, which besides that it can be very easily learned, exceedingly appropriate for quickly writing easily maintainable (?) codes.
     21==== The Task ====
     23Our goal is to create module which enables Python users to access LEMON services. The main idea is to use the effective data-structures and methods of LEMON (implemented in C++) to store graphs and maps, and to run algorithms, while creating a user friendly interface fitting to Python.
     25==== Application conditions ====
     27- knowledge of C++ language
     28- knowledge of Python language or have a tendency to learn it
     29- basic knowledge of graph theory
     30- English language knowledge