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ConEdgeIt< GR > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<typename GR>
class lemon::ConEdgeIt< GR >

Iterator for iterating on parallel edges connecting the same nodes. It is a higher level interface for the findEdge() function. You can use it the following way:

      for (ConEdgeIt<Graph> it(g, u, v); it != INVALID; ++it) {
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#include <lemon/core.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ConEdgeIt (const GR &g, Node u, Node v)
 ConEdgeIt (const GR &g, Edge e)
ConEdgeItoperator++ ()
 Increment operator.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ConEdgeIt ( const GR &  g,
Node  u,
Node  v 
) [inline]

Construct a new ConEdgeIt iterating on the edges that connects nodes u and v.

ConEdgeIt ( const GR &  g,
Edge  e 
) [inline]

Construct a new ConEdgeIt that continues iterating from edge e.

Member Function Documentation

ConEdgeIt& operator++ ( ) [inline]

It increments the iterator and gives back the next edge.

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