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LpSkeleton Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class does nothing, but it can serve as a skeleton when implementing an interface to new solvers.

#include <lemon/lp_skeleton.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LpSkeleton ()
virtual LpSkeletonnewSolver () const
virtual LpSkeletoncloneSolver () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual SolveExitStatus _solve ()
virtual Value _getPrimal (int i) const
virtual Value _getDual (int i) const
virtual Value _getPrimalValue () const
virtual Value _getPrimalRay (int i) const
virtual Value _getDualRay (int i) const
virtual ProblemType _getPrimalType () const
virtual ProblemType _getDualType () const
virtual VarStatus _getColStatus (int i) const
virtual VarStatus _getRowStatus (int i) const
virtual const char * _solverName () const
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