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Planarity Embedding and Drawing


Detailed Description

This group contains the algorithms for planarity checking, embedding and drawing.



class  PlanarEmbedding< Graph >
 Planar embedding of an undirected simple graph. More...
class  PlanarDrawing< Graph >
 Schnyder's planar drawing algorithm. More...
class  PlanarColoring< Graph >
 Coloring planar graphs. More...


file  planarity.h

Planarity checking, embedding, drawing and coloring.


template<typename GR >
bool checkPlanarity (const GR &graph)
 Planarity checking of an undirected simple graph.

Function Documentation

bool lemon::checkPlanarity ( const GR &  graph)

This function implements the Boyer-Myrvold algorithm for planarity checking of an undirected simple graph. It is a simplified version of the PlanarEmbedding algorithm class because neither the embedding nor the Kuratowski subdivisons are computed.

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