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(edit) @1189:9203a299ce4e   15 years Balazs Dezso Bug fix
(edit) @1188:7e529047df1a   15 years Balazs Dezso Fix documentation. Temporarly removing the exception handling.
(edit) @1187:04e5825000c5   15 years Balazs Dezso concept and checking functions for heaps
(edit) @1186:448f76e44b24   15 years Balazs Dezso Radix heap_implementation
(edit) @1185:22bb02339808   15 years Balazs Dezso make constructors explicit
(edit) @1184:aad134c6c9c5   15 years athos Corrected an error (dicussed with marci)
(edit) @1183:8f623d1833a7   15 years athos Some more documentation (sorry, I forgot to check the doxygen.log and …
(edit) @1182:a1abe9452199   15 years athos Added two demo programs: of course they are not considered to be …
(edit) @1181:848b6006941d   15 years athos Some work has been done in the quicktour.
(edit) @1180:f772c360b466   15 years Alpar Juttner Better color to bw conversion
(edit) @1179:cfe0ed224c2e   15 years Hegyi Péter Changing to gtk-mm
(edit) @1178:3c176c65d33b   15 years Alpar Juttner - ColorSet? become commonly usable - Possility to change the color of a …
(edit) @1177:e41c2907fb49   15 years Alpar Juttner Fix 'make distcheck' failure.
(edit) @1176:1ba2b4c0c970   15 years marci glpk is able to search 5x5 magic square, let's celebrate the free software
(edit) @1175:6205eebd62fc   15 years athos Everithing is half-done, but some progress has been made in writing …
(edit) @1174:5dccf1916ed8   15 years Hegyi Péter just kidding
(edit) @1173:099978eee03f   15 years athos Modified a little: I know that it is not consistent and plan to …
(edit) @1172:37338ae42a2b   15 years marci graphwrapper dox. everybody is asked to read doxygen.log
(edit) @1171:f426c84a4e00   15 years Alpar Juttner Experimental autopackage specfile.
(edit) @1170:fb0159aa582d   15 years Alpar Juttner Fix Doxyfile and the wrong hyperlinks in the doc.
(edit) @1169:8b06fbd5712c   15 years athos Started to change documentation with excellent new ideas!!!
(edit) @1168:66400041ef2a   15 years athos Corrected spelling errors.
(edit) @1167:ccbca6ba8b59   15 years athos Corrected spelling errors.
(edit) @1166:db3d437560f3   15 years jacint one more minor change
(edit) @1165:c5e56125959a   15 years jacint some minor changes, docs, etc.
(edit) @1164:80bb73097736   15 years Alpar Juttner A year has passed again.
(edit) @1163:eb4e28715baf   15 years Alpar Juttner Let's go on!
(edit) @1162:2f51fccbc261   15 years Alpar Juttner New features in v0.3 lemon-0.3
(edit) @1161:1c9658d51c8d   15 years Alpar Juttner Better doc
(edit) @1160:d9c32f713cad   15 years Alpar Juttner We have UndirGraph?, so BidirGraph? has been removed.
(edit) @1159:504353f3c61c   15 years Mihaly Barasz svn:ignore change on src/demo
(edit) @1158:29961fa390a3   15 years Mihaly Barasz Graph and UndirGraph? concept modifications. * For incidence iterators …
(edit) @1157:3996d2098090   15 years Mihaly Barasz lemon/error.h: boost::shared_ptr helyett std::auto_ptr (Sokkal …
(edit) @1156:91f9236dfec9   15 years Alpar Juttner Wrap long lines
(edit) @1155:fe0fcdb5687b   15 years Alpar Juttner - Better addSource() - More docs
(edit) @1154:f07c1c442e6c   15 years Alpar Juttner Description of the LEMON directories.
(edit) @1153:4b0468de3a31   15 years marci if you have a nuclear power plant and wanna compute small magic …
(edit) @1152:1765ff9fefa1   15 years marci small changes
(edit) @1151:b217fc69f913   15 years Alpar Juttner Several changes in the docs.
(edit) @1150:c20bcf71efe3   15 years Alpar Juttner Minor changes.
(edit) @1149:9058f09cac26   15 years Alpar Juttner A bit better msg.
(edit) @1148:1eea022c7a16   15 years Alpar Juttner Test the new dijkstra features.
(edit) @1147:014054ffd9d2   15 years Alpar Juttner Make up-to-date (as usual).
(edit) @1146:ebab0e5ec8b2   15 years Alpar Juttner Doc improvements.
(edit) @1145:99c1aa395a58   15 years Akos Ladanyi more docs
(edit) @1144:1cfabf245433   15 years marci trying to add constraints of kind 1 <= x[2]+x[3] <= 4
(edit) @1143:4fb22cfa5759   15 years marci The pair of setSomeThing function is getSomeThing.
(edit) @1142:450f794dca81   15 years Akos Ladanyi more docs
(edit) @1141:e5ee2726abe4   15 years Hegyi Péter This is not ready yet, but I have to go home…
(edit) @1140:a1500fed2270   15 years Balazs Dezso Removing from work.
(edit) @1139:f59038affc7e   15 years Balazs Dezso Changing first to iterators.
(edit) @1138:f68cb8752d81   15 years Alpar Juttner Fix wrong reference in the documentation.
(edit) @1137:83a48cfd8553   15 years Balazs Dezso IO moved to lemon.
(edit) @1136:8d066154b66a   15 years Balazs Dezso Graph documentation
(edit) @1135:cfccb33ecf7b   15 years Balazs Dezso Removing graph_defines.h
(edit) @1134:56b07afdbf8d   15 years Balazs Dezso Documentation
(edit) @1133:9fd485470fee   15 years Balazs Dezso Documentation
(edit) @1132:ab5c81fcc31a   15 years Alpar Juttner Revised dijkstra.h with several new features added.
(edit) @1131:425731cb66de   15 years Alpar Juttner The new dijkstra.h comes in the next commit.
(edit) @1130:47ef467ccf70   15 years Alpar Juttner - PredNodeMap? is a NullMap? by default - Execution with stop condition …
(edit) @1129:4e26fd7ffcdc   15 years Alpar Juttner error.h added
(edit) @1128:6a347310d4c2   15 years Alpar Juttner Several important changes: - Named parameters for setting ReachedMap? - …
(edit) @1127:2dea256cb988   15 years Alpar Juttner Document state_enum
(edit) @1126:04e1cb315951   15 years Alpar Juttner Oops.
(edit) @1125:377e240b050f   15 years Alpar Juttner A new exception class called UninitializedParameter?.
(edit) @1124:12623f7ecb37   15 years Hegyi Péter Dijkstra documentation is getting ready, but one decision is missing …
(edit) @1123:a2e93889a604   15 years Hegyi Péter Documentation is developing itself, but is not ready yet.
(edit) @1122:3ce7fc516cca   15 years Mihaly Barasz New error.h moved to lemon/
(edit) @1121:8f066fdf6dc9   15 years Mihaly Barasz Obsolete error.h removed
(edit) @1120:5d8d64bde9c5   15 years Mihaly Barasz Latest LEMON exception and assert concepts
(edit) @1119:d3504fc075dc   15 years Alpar Juttner Two incomplete additions: - Exceptions - bool map indication reached …
(edit) @1118:62296604afb4   15 years Alpar Juttner Minor changes.
(edit) @1117:5767cc417f62   15 years Alpar Juttner Bugfix
(edit) @1116:f97e1cbbd453   15 years Alpar Juttner - More or less follows the new naming convetions - New implementation …
(edit) @1115:444f69240539   15 years Balazs Dezso Some changes in the IO and map utilities.
(edit) @1114:eb57527fd183   15 years Balazs Dezso Tutorial for graph input - output
(edit) @1113:b5ad821053a1   15 years marci correction
(edit) @1112:b258584569f2   15 years marci try of grouping for documentation
(edit) @1111:88ade201ffc6   15 years marci lower and upper bound handling functions for rows
(edit) @1110:ba28dfbea5f2   15 years marci new functions for changing lower and upper bounds of variables
(edit) @1109:5222b3d588c3   15 years Alpar Juttner - Fix missing file (max_matching.h)
(edit) @1108:253b66e7e41d   15 years Alpar Juttner - '%%Title:', '%%Copyright:' and '%%CreationDate:' fields added to …
(edit) @1107:d972653c89d5   15 years Alpar Juttner - Node shapes are shown in the doc. - The generated PS file is closer …
(edit) @1106:0a7d604a9763   15 years Balazs Dezso Concept modification to resolve the item by its ID.
(edit) @1105:6777f0b0e7b5   15 years Alpar Juttner One more trial/approach for named params (Under constr.)
(edit) @1104:23a54f889272   15 years marci small changes, a try for max flow using expression
(edit) @1103:f196dc4f1b31   15 years Alpar Juttner Add a 'scaleToA4()' function.
(edit) @1102:100c8d5ee36b   15 years Alpar Juttner Functions to query height/width of a BoundingBox?.
(edit) @1101:9286569c3749   15 years Alpar Juttner Wrap a long line
(edit) @1100:299d1127a846   15 years Alpar Juttner - Some things to do.
(edit) @1099:91a8ee9d088d   15 years marci -=, - operators in expressions
(edit) @1098:e3b3667c6857   15 years jacint
(edit) @1097:c91e765266d7   15 years marci A proposal or test implementation for linear expression`
(edit) @1096:1cfb25ef14d2   15 years Akos Ladanyi Various changes.
(edit) @1095:f1eb997f0418   15 years Akos Ladanyi Removed some unnecessary files.
(edit) @1094:da32bccc7c4d   15 years jacint
(edit) @1093:31834bad3e84   15 years jacint Adding a function which returns the mate of a node.
(edit) @1092:36284b2500c3   15 years jacint following the changes of max_matching.h
(edit) @1091:c756973cd53c   15 years Alpar Juttner Now, the actual drawing is made by run() instead of the destructor.
(edit) @1090:9e9195331ea6   15 years jacint resetPos deleted
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