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#193 fixed Bug in skipSection() of lgf_reader.h Balazs Dezso Akos Ladanyi
    void skipSection() {
      char c;
      while (readSuccess() && line >> c && c != '@') {

Here line.putback() puts back an uninitialized variable in case readSuccess() returns false.

#445 fixed Buggy initialization of CplexEnv Alpar Juttner Alpar Juttner

A user reported obvious memory leak when solving many MIP problem with a fresh CplexMip instance for each. In addition valgrind report the following on CplexMip:

==10084== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
==10084==    at 0x8104C32: lemon::CplexEnv::~CplexEnv() (
==10084==    by 0x81051C8: lemon::CplexBase::~CplexBase() (
==10084==    by 0x8108C8E: lemon::CplexMip::~CplexMip() (

The reason is that the constructor of CplexEnv does not initialize the target of the _cnt pointer when it is allocated.

#502 fixed Build broken with cmake 2.8 Alpar Juttner amluto

[fe4ff72e2f14b62c5ff8f565db888186ab490275/lemon] broke the build using cmake 2.8, which does not recognize the CMP0048 policy. The attached patch fixes it for me (well, it fixes this particular regression).

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