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#81 wontfix Port demo files Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

The demo files that demonstrate the basic data structures, concepts, algorithms and tools should be ported and revised. See also ticket #27.

#99 fixed Revise check() macro Alpar Juttner Peter Kovacs

test/test_tools.h contains

  • the check() macro, which is used in all test files, and
  • some tools about Petersen (sub)graphs.

I suggest separating the widely used check() macro and the Petersen tools, e.g. put the macro into a assert.h.

Shouldn't we use LEMON_ASSERT instead of check() or shouldn't check() be an alias for it?

#100 fixed Revise heaps and Peter Kovacs Peter Kovacs

Currently test/ is not used as a test program.

  1. The heap classes should be checked and should be revised and used.
  2. Validity and benchmark tests should be separated.
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