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(edit) @1884:9c061834b33b   17 years Hegyi Péter In algorithm window maps can be selected and reated through …
(edit) @1878:409a31271efd   17 years Hegyi Péter Several changes. \n If new map is added to mapstorage it emits signal …
(edit) @1877:bed340c4f960   17 years Akos Ladanyi Set the move tool active by default.
(edit) @1876:5ad84ad1b68f   17 years Hegyi Péter Communication with algorithm window is developed.
(edit) @1872:3b7694cf0a08   17 years Hegyi Péter Best feature ever\! Name of tabs are different from now on\!
(edit) @1871:3905d347112c   17 years Hegyi Péter Coding of Algorithms has begun, but code is really-really ugly yet.
(edit) @1869:52f5a7f9fb48   17 years Hegyi Péter Handling of tabs is rationalized a bit. More than one file can be …
(edit) @1862:d47ebd34e581   17 years Akos Ladanyi Added guipixbufs.h to BUILT_SOURCES. This solves 'make dist' problems.
(edit) @1856:3f0558065bcd   17 years Hegyi Péter Notebook tabs can be closed.
(edit) @1849:a4d1362397fe   17 years Hegyi Péter Notebook style is provided. Without opportunity to close tabs. :-) But …
(edit) @1838:b61682f0ee96   17 years Hegyi Péter MapWin? is created and disposed from now instead of being show and hide.
(edit) @1837:8dd6160ff699   17 years Hegyi Péter Structure of GUI is now more clear-cut than before.
(edit) @1823:cb082cdf3667   17 years Hegyi Péter NewMapWin? has become Dialog instead of Window. Therefore it is created …
(edit) @1777:a70cee06ae9c   17 years Akos Ladanyi improved zooming
(edit) @1733:5e0d97823ba2   17 years Hegyi Péter MapSelector? widget is able to pop up NewMap? window. At the moment I …
(edit) @1659:ab1e97b7b2b7   17 years Alpar Juttner Dependency problem (guipixbufs.h) is solved.
(edit) @1657:754f38f56b49   17 years Akos Ladanyi removed the fit to window form the toolbar and the menu since its …
(edit) @1650:422906271d22   17 years Akos Ladanyi display file name in window title
(edit) @1645:4a04bb856ac7   17 years Akos Ladanyi - id maps are not editable - handle exceptions thrown by the file …
(edit) @1635:1d2e5352e99b   17 years Akos Ladanyi Images are compiled in now.
(edit) @1634:910b1bcb7d05   17 years Akos Ladanyi Toolbar has custom icons now. Works only when installed.
(edit) @1616:78704393218d   17 years Akos Ladanyi open file from command line
(edit) @1615:b42385baaf3a   17 years Akos Ladanyi compile with gtkmm 2.4
(edit) @1614:350c1d8bb7cc   17 years Hegyi Péter Alpar had the key, focus can be set in the window class. But it is not …
(edit) @1606:dc4ea2010dee   17 years Akos Ladanyi added support for saving files
(edit) @1601:70d169a8313a   17 years Hegyi Péter Tooltip should be turn up on CreateNode? tool.
(edit) @1598:739df601808d   17 years Hegyi Péter Redundant functions from main_win disappeared, entry is now bigger, …
(edit) @1592:4708b716d2f4   17 years Hegyi Péter EdgeMap? and NodeMap? creation is done, at last. Bach 4ever.
(edit) @1585:0e3ef435bdc3   17 years Hegyi Péter Initializing adding new maps.
(edit) @1550:4dcbb4ab1d7a   17 years Hegyi Péter Editors are based.
(edit) @1512:e54392395480   17 years Hegyi Péter NodeMap? values are now visualizable. Todo: default map-values
(edit) @1502:371aba7d61ca   17 years Hegyi Péter Three commits, one after the other! 81 is my, 82 is my fiancee's, 83 …
(edit) @1468:d0ccb2fdeeff   17 years Hegyi Péter Hopefully, node creation works well, after a small structural …
(edit) @1442:1e3c69aa035b   17 years Akos Ladanyi dos2unix
(edit) @1441:fd4b6f6d592a   17 years Akos Ladanyi - added toolbar - added ScrolledWindow? for the canvas - zooming
(add) @1435:8e85e6bbefdf   17 years Akos Ladanyi trunk/src/* move to trunk/
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