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(edit) @806:93246c00cd24   20 years Alpar Juttner Minor changes in doc.
(edit) @803:c3d832275e69   20 years Alpar Juttner - Clarified Path skeleton. - setStart() changed to setStartNode()
(edit) @784:a48964a87141   20 years marci dimacs.h
(edit) @783:81bf2d766164   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @777:a82713ed19f3   20 years marci graph_wrapper.h is ready for hugo 0.2
(edit) @775:e46a1f0623a0   20 years marci ResGraphWrapper?<Graph> is done, so does dimacs.h.
(edit) @774:4297098d9677   20 years Alpar Juttner Merge back the whole branches/hugo++ to trunk.
(edit) @773:ce9438c5a82d   20 years marci bug fix, test…
(edit) @771:ad7dff9ee2fd   20 years marci sg is moved sg is not…
(edit) @770:6387df9aadb0   20 years marci .
(edit) @769:eb61fbc64c16   20 years marci .
(edit) @768:a5e9303a5511   20 years marci stGraphWrapper modifications
(edit) @766:cf4d2db9d43f   20 years Alpar Juttner Add lp_solver_wrapper.h to work doxygen.
(edit) @765:4405b6be83bb   20 years Alpar Juttner Add empty docs in order to make the functions and classes visible in …
(edit) @764:615aca7091d2   20 years marci An experimental LPSolverWrapper class which uses glpk. For a short …
(edit) @762:511200bdb71f   20 years marci technical corrections
(edit) @758:49b1a30c4dc4   20 years Alpar Juttner New Doxygen module for path/flow algs.
(edit) @757:8680351d0c28   20 years Alpar Juttner resetXxx() changed to setXxx().
(edit) @755:a8c2e828ce0b   20 years Alpar Juttner - 'KruskalPairVec?' is changed to 'KruskalMapInput?'. - Changes in …
(edit) @748:a0e497db23ee   20 years marci
(edit) @747:be163d94c109   20 years marci a bug test for preflow with preflow_bug_8 dimacs file
(edit) @746:6ee2046cc210   18 years marci
(edit) @744:7ac96d31280f   20 years Alpar Juttner Some comments.
(edit) @743:efab34f23b30   20 years Alpar Juttner Bugfix + working example
(edit) @741:aa700e5c47b5   20 years Alpar Juttner A very flexible bfs function using named parameters and impicit map types.
(edit) @740:7237eaaf5d84   20 years Alpar Juttner It is really obsolete, but containes interesting stuffs.
(edit) @737:2d867176d10e   20 years Alpar Juttner Several changes in Kruskal alg. - Input object interface was changed …
(edit) @728:4c9e2f920458   20 years Alpar Juttner More documented file.
(edit) @726:835ebe1b3250   20 years Alpar Juttner max_flow.h (wich doesn't use STL - max_flow.h (which doesn't use STL …
(edit) @725:9fa4045571cd   20 years Alpar Juttner We do not yet need it.
(edit) @719:cb9efd4cc9db   20 years Alpar Juttner Indenting
(edit) @715:665689d86225   20 years jacint trying if without stl stack we are faster
(edit) @714:104069336039   20 years jacint without stl stack we are faster
(edit) @709:7a518df79892   20 years Alpar Juttner docfix
(edit) @703:32f280a5ed7d   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @702:4207f82a1778   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @701:c03e073b8394   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @700:236117f60eee   20 years Balazs Dezso * empty log message *
(edit) @698:625de6f1e766   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @691:014c2e4eb07b   20 years Hegyi Péter t/bin/bash: line 1: q: command not found -j-This line, and those …
(edit) @690:a0f95e1b17fc   20 years Hegyi Péter
(edit) @686:fc8a3393e0d9   20 years Alpar Juttner src/work/alpar/path.h (docs) is merged into src/work/klao/path.h (and …
(edit) @685:c7e37b066033   20 years Alpar Juttner Doc updates
(edit) @684:11d480a922b1   20 years Alpar Juttner Branch from path.h to extend its documentation.
(edit) @683:3cbf51510180   20 years Alpar Juttner doc
(edit) @682:1ea8162ce638   20 years Alpar Juttner doc
(edit) @680:17415189e42a   20 years Alpar Juttner Improved (but still not satisfactory) doc.
(edit) @677:af3b5c85a227   20 years Hegyi Péter NetGraphs? v0
(edit) @676:7ec5e7e6c7b4   20 years Alpar Juttner c++ setting for emacs Empty commands for doxygen
(edit) @675:38755a4d4b51   20 years Mihaly Barasz My notes. Sources of information and software packages which could be …
(edit) @674:7733d18de0e8   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @673:b387504959a2   20 years athos Restored common makefile.
(edit) @672:6c7bd0edd1d7   20 years athos Seems to work. More tests required.
(edit) @671:708df4dc6ab6   20 years athos Compiles now
(edit) @662:0155001b6f65   20 years athos Almost compiles.
(edit) @661:d306e777117e   20 years athos Corrected some obvious errors.
(edit) @659:c5984e925384   20 years athos Almost ready.
(edit) @657:531fc5f575ef   20 years athos Not ready yet.
(edit) @656:9971eb8bfbe8   20 years marci max_flow.h bug correction
(edit) @654:8fd893331298   20 years marci The new for macros are: h_for, h_for_inc, h_for_glob, h_for_inc_glob.
(edit) @653:c3ad7c661a49   20 years marci misc
(edit) @652:4dfa1f79bf3e   20 years marci misc
(edit) @651:a56e043aeab1   20 years marci misc
(edit) @650:588ff2ca55bd   20 years marci a
(edit) @648:8c13444bccf6   20 years marci for_each fix
(edit) @647:19dd325da0e8   20 years marci the same
(edit) @646:bd7a69231cf8   20 years marci max_flow.h: status flags for actMinCut leda_graph_wrapper.h: …
(edit) @645:d93d8b9906d1   20 years athos I don't really feel like working on this at the moment.
(edit) @643:f8053cb51047   20 years marci comparision of ListGraph?, SmartGraph? and SageGraph?
(edit) @642:e812963087f0   20 years marci To avoid confusion my old ListGraph? is can be used under name …
(edit) @641:bfd6c14e2975   20 years marci some documentation in stGraphWrapper<Gr> and BipartiteGraphWrapper?<Gr>
(edit) @640:d426dca0aaf7   20 years marci for_each_macros.h in include
(edit) @637:75ad3e24425e   20 years marci for_each_macros.h in include
(edit) @636:e59b0c363a9e   20 years marci
(edit) @635:933f593824c2   20 years athos Started mincostflow.
(edit) @633:305bd9c56f10   20 years athos Slight modifications.
(edit) @632:3f3e184252d2   20 years marci undir -> dir in docs
(edit) @631:26819ef1611f   20 years jacint Almost full documentation added, NO_FLOW incorporated, Phase0(1) …
(edit) @629:6620dfc606af   20 years jacint max_flow interface changes
(edit) @627:6cc21a9c9fda   20 years Balazs Dezso
(edit) @620:6e917be931af   20 years jacint
(edit) @619:e09818232531   20 years Mihaly Barasz path improvements
(edit) @618:e944d741f472   20 years Mihaly Barasz #include <hugo/...>
(edit) @617:dc17013b0e52   20 years marci bip matching comparison
(edit) @616:31879aac4dc3   20 years marci include -> hugo mods in leda files
(edit) @615:b6b31b75b522   20 years marci docs, max_flow improvments
(edit) @613:b5b5c4ae5107   20 years marci documentation of bipartite matchings, cleaning
(edit) @611:83530dad618a   20 years athos Some modifications and another testfile.
(edit) @609:0566ac97809b   20 years marci misc
(edit) @608:84b04b70ad89   20 years athos Moved things into the include (hugo) directory.
(edit) @607:327f7cf13843   20 years athos Finished MinLengthPaths?: a specialization of MinCostFlows?.
(edit) @605:b3c57602c516   20 years marci docs
(edit) @604:4acd273c3009   20 years marci some docs
(edit) @602:580b329c2a0c   20 years marci bfs_iterator -> bfs_dfs.h, some docs
(edit) @601:6c6c0eb89b47   20 years athos That's what I wanted.
(edit) @600:09148a2c5ed2   20 years athos
(edit) @599:26d6c7b5c367   20 years athos Bocs, veletlen volt.
(edit) @598:1faa5bec1717   20 years marci complete graphs
(edit) @597:a6e2b02f496a   20 years marci bfs, dfs docs
(edit) @595:e10b5e9419ef   20 years Balazs Dezso
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