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(edit) @19:9196fcd0d4d6   13 years Peter Kovacs Remove installation guide + link to the web page instead
(edit) @18:a291609dad52   14 years Peter Kovacs Fix compilation instructions for user-local installation
(edit) @17:0b3b26cd1cea   14 years Alpar Juttner Better build system - configure script added - demo/*.cc are now …
(edit) @16:ed4c8506e151   14 years Peter Kovacs Simplify the first example code + fix toc
(edit) @15:7cc2418766c3   14 years Alpar Juttner No dots after the section numbers
(edit) @14:35279d53a015   14 years Alpar Juttner Better navigation trailer
(edit) @13:98a495a50e49   14 years Alpar Juttner Make edible by older pythons
(edit) @12:d64ffbd7d8c6   14 years Alpar Juttner Merge
(edit) @11:0a51fe554d01   14 years Peter Kovacs Small improvements
(edit) @10:55e2f7712e87   14 years Alpar Juttner TOC and section numbering are generated from toc.txt
(edit) @9:a48bf0d3a790   14 years Peter Kovacs Extend installation guide + reorganize the toc
(edit) @8:4b3d55acc9d7   14 years Alpar Juttner Use fix library version for the external tags instead of the latest …
(edit) @7:934258c64b6b   14 years Alpar Juttner Rework installation part and move it to the appendix
(edit) @6:da96f28684f7   14 years Peter Kovacs Extend and improve the first two chapters
(edit) @5:29baa4a189bf   14 years Peter Kovacs Port demo/ from SVN -r3501
(edit) @4:89f6fff82e93   14 years Peter Kovacs More simple mainpage + using layout file
(edit) @3:0cf8882c7e7c   14 years Peter Kovacs Add Intro and Getting Started pages
(edit) @2:9388ccf86294   14 years Peter Kovacs Create table of contents (a preliminary version)
(edit) @1:264baaa990e1   14 years Alpar Juttner Fix .hgignore (ignore gen-images folder properly)
(add) @0:b98bb7ed37e9   14 years Alpar Juttner Basic build environment added
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