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10 Things Not So Obvious IPhone 3G

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iPhone, iPhone, iPhone: do not hear anything else in many ways. However, there are a number of things not quite so obvious and useful they can be very useful for novice users: 10 basis points to remember both the management and connectivity, as well as a warning about the Chargers third parties which may result .. "lethal". 1 -. Serves iPod Cable for iPhone The USB sync cable for the iPod is perfectly compatible with the iPhone (and iPod Touch). Despite their physical differences (iPhone cable has a narrower head) its operation is the same, so if you lose the cable from the iPhone, iPod can use one and do not need to take both cables in the bag. . 2 - The iPhone charger is universal What will allow you to load any plug not only the iPhone, but also compatible with any iPod USB. Its small size makes it ideal to add to the case and to charge any devices directly without the need of a computer. The iPod uses about 300 mA to charge (except iPod Touch) and iPod Touch and / or iPhone needs at least 500 mA, power delivery charger included with the iPhone. 3 -. Beware thirds Chargers for iPhone 3G There are plenty of horror stories on Internet users who have broken their iPhone by using a charger not compatible with the phone, especially car chargers. Even iPod chargers for some car brands are able to break the iPhone. If you go to buy a car charger, make sure it is fully compatible with iPhone and avoid using one designed for the iPod. 4 - I have some speakers with iPod Dock for charging it, but the iPhone 3G not recharged This is because manufacturers use in some of their Docks, charging system type "firewire" which is no longer supported in this model of iPhone (but if in the previous model with software 2.0). Apple has kept some backwards compatibility for loading devices with Firewire system (though not for synchronization) but seems to have finally dropped support for the load type "Firewire". So, if you connect your iPhone 3G to your speaker set and you receive a message on screen such that "this accessory is not supported for this device load" you know that happens. 5 -. Wear years using a custom ringtone Apple iPhone provides a set of relatively broad tones, but many users "drag" a specific tone for years that has created a kind of "psychic" connection between the user and the phone: Now, if you change your tone, until you used to the new, it can happen that you do not take calls. Custom Ringtones (according to Apple) can only be made from purchased songs, not every song can be purchased ringtones: solution: if you only load a pair of shades and will not move the phone, the iToner is a program that allows you to upload ringtones on iPhone (including 3G with firmware 2.0) dragging directly from iTunes. The demo version is fully operational for 30 days, and charge your "tone forever" is only a matter of minutes. . 6 - An application has crashed / reset iPhone To force quit an application on the iPhone, hold 6 seconds pressed the menu button. To completely reset the phone, press and hold both the menu button and the Power / Sleep until you see a black screen .. and loose. . 7 - Make a screenshot on iPhone Briefly press the menu button and the power button / sleep simultaneously. If you do good, a Flash appear on the screen and the image will be in the photos application. If you do this with a photo in the Photos application, you must leave it and come back to see the photo. . 8 - Signs of rapid Rankings If you need to enter a punctuation mark, no need to skip a layout keyboard to another, click the button punctuation / numbers, and keeping your finger on the screen, select the punctuation: when you lift your finger you will return to the standard keyboard. 9 -. Ñ, accents and other letters on the iPhone Hold down the button on the keyboard and a menu will appear with the options of the letter in question. 10 -. Get the most out of the battery jailbreak iphone 3gs If it is important to have a longer battery life, turn off Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. These three features are active even when the phone is idle and make you spend battery. If you also have to surf the internet, you can continue to do so without problems (and flat rate) but at a slower rate. Please note that flat rate Telefónica (the 15 euros) allows you to download 200 mb to 3G, and then spend a stretch of lower speed, so you can turn off 3G until you need it and use the "fast" flat rate in cases of necessity. All these options are turned off in the General Preferences iPhone.

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