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and forth i had the uh... affair with people that my bodywould sometimes

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arms in a little trickAlpha Shred that i learned she was a lecture uh... with the longevity conAlpha Shredference iteven with a doctor wu week they get a lot of the uh...Alpha Shred heavy metals are yourbody they actually take niacin they go on the rebound openit dilutes the blood vessels is everything going then you go into the inference honor so you do it likAlpha Shrede a rebound er and thenand then like a nice influence wire haAlpha Shredll has you hit the nights of flesh and youknew what that fromAlpha Shred a hundred milligrams and i'd heard reports where the picAlpha Shredk upthese guys that really yeah heavy toxic metal poisoning they Alpha Shredbuilt these people up to fivethousand milligrams a day that was over a period of time but uh... but there butthe rebounding with the nice and that really give you a flush theiAlpha Shredr if youknow i think uh... so you know it's funny it's not ok na Alpha Shredrubin arcana worldit's funny cuz you either have to different sides of stuff that you havethe people that are in the gym and they're all kind of fitness relatedand they're kind of only Alpha Shredconcern with the aesthetics of the body and then youhave people lAlpha Shredike in the vienna roddy dinnerlongevity whatever side that is it's funny how there's not really muchof a 'em area near to you to things like you don't really see bodybuilders in thAlpha Shrede g_m_ who work really concerned about that hell you know andAlpha Shredthat's what i'm trying to bridge that gap have any more flexibiAlpha Shredlity ike i think you can lose your flexibilitywhen you get older we do need the cardio you do you need to get the hard up youget that blood flow into you really need a nice miAlpha Shredxture of allthat you need some cleansing in your body and then we Alpha Shredcan break it into thediet you know can you be very healthy ibelieAlpha Shredve it's healthier to be at an eighty twenty plant based andAlpha Shred then ifyou union the animal products make sure that the best quaAlpha Shredlity grasp that stuff how are you going to elect olovo that'show Alpha Shredi transitioned going to getting off the meat to thebank finally got off the fish so that those electoral vote for a while and then periodically i did take alittle kiefer but im Alpha Shredprimarily in ninety percent plant based for our guy but my bodAlpha Shredy evolve to that didn't happenovernight nowadays back needed stuff and i'm still trying to figure out wAlpha Shredhat is the happy balance but here's astory while worked out his

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