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    initial v1  
    55- The majority of these warnings comes from the `*GRAPH_TYPEDEFS` macros.
    66  - One way to avoid would be to suppress them to apply some compiler specific `#pragma` statement, but I have no idea how to do it safely and compiler independently. Can anyone help me  in doing this? Is it possible to do it locally only for these typedefs?
    7   - The other solution is to use the `ignode_unused()` templates.
     7  - The other solution is to use the `ignore_unused()` templates. The attaches chgset [2f7f2fd5b1a4] does this, but it is painful, because `ignore_unused()` cannot (and need not) be used in the global scope. Therefore we need to versions of all of these macros, one with the warning suppression, and one without. This is far from being convenient.
     8- In addition, there are couple of standalone unused local typedefs, mainly in the test codes. What shall we do with them?
     9  - Use `ignore_unused()` for them?
     10  - Or delete them for they are unnecessary?
     11  - Or just comment them out and keep them for future reference?