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    1111Optional tools:
     12 - To use the LP/MIP interface you need [ GLPK]. We suggest to use the {{{.exe}}} installer provided by the [ GnuWin32/GLPK] project.
     13   - A local copy of the installer can be found here: [ glpk-4.34-setup.exe]
    1215 - For HTML document generation you need to install a recent version of {{{Doxygen}}} and {{{Ghostscript}}}.
    1316 - If you want to keep track of the latest development of LEMON or even contribute to it, you need the [http:// Mercurial] distributed version control system. We ''strongly'' recommend to use [ TortoiseHg] which provides a simple installer for Mercurial, a nice GUI and also an integration to the MS-Windows Explorer.
    2932It is even better to start the "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt" from the start menu. Then, in the command prompt, step into the build folder and type
    31 cmake-gui ..
     34cmake-gui . ..
    3336Now click on the "Configure" button. Here choose
    3437 - either '''{{{Visual Studio 9 2008}}}''' to create project files and an {{{.sln}} file usable from the Visual Studio IDE.
    3538 - or '''{{{NMake Makefiles}}}''' to create makefiles and compile from command line. In this case you ''must'' start {{{cmake-gui}}} from the "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt"
     40Now, you can review and modify several configure options (change to "Advanced" or "Grouped" view in order to see all of them). For example
     41 - '''{{{CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}}}''' tells where LEMON will finally be installed.
     42 - '''{{{CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE}}}''' determines the build modes. The possible values are '''{{{Debug}}}''', '''{{{Release}}}''', '''{{{MinSizeRel}}}''' and '''{{{RelWithDebInfo}}}'''.
     43 - '''{{{CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS*}}}''' sets the compiler flags used by the different build modes.
    3644Then click again on "Configure" and finally on "Generate".
    6371=== With IDE ===
    65 Open the generated {{{LEMON.sln}}} file, the you will find several targets corresponding to the tasks of the previous section. They are
     73Open the generated {{{LEMON.sln}}} file, then you will find several targets corresponding to the tasks of the previous section. They are
    6674 - {{{ALL_BUILD}}}
    6775 - {{{RUN_TESTS}}}
    6876 - {{{HTML}}} ???
    6977 - {{{INSTALL}}}
     79Simply right click and choose "Build" for each of these target.