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Here is a list of all modules:
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oData Structures
|oGraph StructuresGraph structures implemented in LEMON
||\Adaptor Classes for GraphsAdaptor classes for digraphs and graphs
|oMapsMap structures implemented in LEMON
||oGraph MapsSpecial graph-related maps
||\Map AdaptorsTools to create new maps from existing ones
|oPath StructuresPath structures implemented in LEMON
|oHeap StructuresHeap structures implemented in LEMON
|\Auxiliary Data StructuresAuxiliary data structures implemented in LEMON
| \Geometric Data StructuresGeometric data structures implemented in LEMON
oAlgorithmsThis group contains the several algorithms implemented in LEMON
|oGraph SearchCommon graph search algorithms
|oShortest Path AlgorithmsAlgorithms for finding shortest paths
|oMinimum Spanning Tree AlgorithmsAlgorithms for finding minimum cost spanning trees and arborescences
|oMaximum Flow AlgorithmsAlgorithms for finding maximum flows
|oMinimum Cost Flow AlgorithmsAlgorithms for finding minimum cost flows and circulations
|oMinimum Cut AlgorithmsAlgorithms for finding minimum cut in graphs
|oMinimum Mean Cycle AlgorithmsAlgorithms for finding minimum mean cycles
|oMatching AlgorithmsAlgorithms for finding matchings in graphs and bipartite graphs
|oConnectivity and Other Graph PropertiesAlgorithms for discovering the graph properties
|oPlanar Embedding and DrawingAlgorithms for planarity checking, embedding and drawing
|oTraveling Salesman ProblemAlgorithms for the symmetric traveling salesman problem
|oApproximation AlgorithmsApproximation algorithms
|\Auxiliary AlgorithmsAuxiliary algorithms implemented in LEMON
oGeneral Optimization ToolsThis group contains some general optimization frameworks implemented in LEMON
|\LP and MIP SolversLP and MIP solver interfaces for LEMON
oTools and UtilitiesTools and utilities for programming in LEMON
|oBasic Graph UtilitiesSimple basic graph utilities
|oMiscellaneous ToolsTools for development, debugging and testing
||\Time Measuring and CountingSimple tools for measuring the performance of algorithms
|\ExceptionsExceptions defined in LEMON
oInput-OutputGraph Input-Output methods
|oLEMON Graph FormatReading and writing LEMON Graph Format
|oPostscript ExportingGeneral EPS drawer and graph exporter
|oDIMACS FormatRead and write files in DIMACS format
|\NAUTY FormatRead Nauty format
oConceptsSkeleton classes and concept checking classes
|oGraph Structure ConceptsSkeleton and concept checking classes for graph structures
|\Map ConceptsSkeleton and concept checking classes for maps
oStandalone Utility Applications
\Demo Programs