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fect so i think it would period of time it's almost like

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some night dieting i love what i eat only meals i'm love what i'm doingsome that dieting i've tried to changeAlpha Shred my body composition say-so i'm doing it Alpha Shredvery slowly i'm not in arush i'm not going anywhere in the troubles when you're young that's whyguys take steroids and stuff everybodyAlpha Shred's in a race if exactly what the musclesflexed now past you know lifestyle work thatway everything is consistent over a loAlpha Shredng chinese building strongroots when you build strong roots if chiefs with him stays with you so mAlpha Shredy training philosophy is anti agAlpha Shreding outhigh and anti-aging having also being quick infast i'm trying to work more my flexibilitypossesses stuff you lose Alpha Shredwhen you get older you lose muscle mass your body just wants to put on more fatwhen you get older that's jusAlpha Shred a genetics thing so i'm trying to trickmother nature with all these protocols that i'm doing so massive you go and i'm suAlpha Shrede you go tobed early right are you doing sometimes they getAlpha Shred upsometimes i will just pass out see i'm a big believer in getting rest when youneed it and sometimes they come to work with mycompany to cook and we have different projects sometimes on sleep the wAlpha Shreday i doso it's not always ideal but i'm a big believer on sunday i turn everything off my cell phoneeight only answer i don't even talk muchAlpha Shred sometimes i might fast one day on asaturday or sunday but i'll sleep anyway from tweAlpha Shredve to fifteen hours but that's watching movies ya getnetflix and i watched a movie it's like a is called recharging thebattery i have one day it's a toAlpha Shredal rest day to recharge the bative stress not sleeAlpha Shredike the chinese class we will you build your jane you get the proper arrests yet that really pretty thing in harmonyAlpha Shredthat scott or i met is put my body in harmony where you can train crazy needed but ifyou're not getting theAlpha Shred rest so that's one of the components you need mostpeople shoots it back and relax i'd i'd try to take that to an art form when iAlpha Shredrelax i relax i could seeAlpha Shred i can't speak out in a park somewhere with peoplealthough not perAlpha Shredbe Alpha Shredto discard outletof people don't always amped up so hot i'm anne

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