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different angles you noticed that balance they

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amped up guy when it works buti can calm it down to this i have a perfect balance i think of both where i am aAlpha Shred high-energy guy but yet iknow howAlpha Shred to relax tooAlpha Shred it took years to Alpha Shredlearn that rate now to relax himself andso how many days a week do you normally hit the gym under five daysAlpha Shred now i was doing and theother day for a while keep changing it up right now i just do one papa bodyparty games like mark mAlpha Shredonday do nothing but chess i and i a late the chest with a lot ofdifferent movements uh... tuAlpha Shredesday is ladies wednesday is biceps and triceps by armsokay uh... thursday is back hamstrings i dolike that and then uh... fAlpha Shredriday's made elAlpha Shredse spaceAlpha Shred it is clear is race to do a pushdaya pullAlpha Shredd a huge bob push a heavy casualties triceps ites interchange my workouts for rightnow i'm just you know just annihilating one body parta day poster or i'm just going in there and trashing it pacino's doAlpha Shred you do elect lets see when you go into the g_m_and leave the chassis what's your skynet they needed like fivedifferent exercises for the chester thinks so yeah i hitting it from all differentangles idle at a rotator cuff works before even start the chest from uh...lot of people to warm up the road caters that's how you get injureAlpha Shredd speciallywritten sixty most guys in the sixties teaching at whether joints are shot minor she betterannounced as a apple because of my diet cleansing the cleansing properties all the uh... the stuAlpha Shredff that i do and then plus allthe rotator in the warm-up works before even starAlpha Shredinto that so uh... i do a lot more dumbbell work idon't dAlpha Shredo the Alpha Shredbar bells as much sense they tend to get injury proneAlpha Shred with lightbench press is okay faltu dumbbell work were attacked him putting in the arc that i want for mybody type what i'll do like a hundred pounddumbbeAlpha Shredll incline presses you know iAlpha Shredt's pretty good for my age for a cold timerhere's knowing you know you know ninety pound flies on appalledamong those big medicine balls communist-era so i have also been waits for isolatedthaAlpha Shredt are pure movement psychologAlpha Shredy so onto flies i will do uh... differentcable stuff Alpha Shredi have to furnish xin so i hit the Alpha Shredchest area from live differentangles Alpha Shredlike you're dealt right at the rear delAlpha Shredt aside lateral part of adultsfor the frontal belts right i'm a big believer jitna muscle from alot of

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