Caccetta-Häggkvist conjecture

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Is it true that whenever D is a directed graph on n nodes with minimum out-degree at least [math]n/k[/math], then D has a directed cycle of length at most k?


This conjecture was formulated by Caccetta and Häggkvist [1] in 1978. For a survey, see [2]. The k=2 case is trivial, but the k=3 case is already open: is it true that a directed graph on [math]n[/math] nodes with minimum out-degree at least [math]n/3[/math] always contains a directed triangle? The weaker version where all in-degrees and out-degrees are at least [math]n/3[/math] is also open.

There are several interesting partial results:

  • the conjecture is true if D has independence number 2 [3]
  • the conjecture is true if the subgraph induced by the in-neighbours of any node is a tournament [4]
  • a digraph with minimum out-degree at least [math]0.3465 n[/math] contains a directed triangle [5].

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